innocashads-logoOf late there have been a seemingly endless stream of investment schemes launched with a MLM compensation plan attached to them.

Common to all these investment schemes is the problem that 100% of the commissions (effectively a return on the amount invested in the scheme) are generated from the money members invest into the scheme.

Mathematically you can’t pay out more than 100% of what goes in and with no other apparent revenue generation, you pretty much have yourself a Ponzi scheme waiting to collapse.

Attempting to try something different comes InnoCashAds, read on for a full review.

The Company

InnoCashAds make no mention of who is running things or owns the company on their website.

The domain was registered on the 26th January 2012 but the registration is set to private.

As always, if a MLM company is not upfront about who is running things or owns it, approach it with extreme caution.

The InnoCashAds Product Line

InnoCashAds run an in-house advertising network on their website.

Ads can be purchased directly (retail) through the company, not through members at a cost of $10 for 10,000 impressions of one 468×60 banner or two 125×125 banners.

Advertising credits are also bundled with member investments, which are sold to members by the company at $7 each.

The InnoCashAds Compensation Plan

The InnoCashAds compensation plan guarantees members a return on their investment via three levels.

  • Silver – 1% ROI daily for 150 days (effective 150% ROI)
  • Gold – 1.5% ROI daily for 100 days (effective 150% ROI)
  • Platinum – 2% ROI daily for 75 days (effective 150% ROI)

InnoCashAds accepts investments into its scheme in $7 units and members must invest in the lower plans to unlock the higher ones. The Silver scheme must first be invested into to unlock Gold and then an investment into the Gold scheme unlocks the Platinum returns.

InnoCashAds also offer referral commissions on the money those you personally recruit into the scheme invest. For personally recruited members the commission is 10% of the money invested and for those your personal recruits recruit (2nd level) the commission is 5%.

Joining InnoCashAds

Membership to InnoCashAds is free, however money must be invested into the scheme if one wishes to earn any commissions.

Membership is not required to purchase ad blocks at a retail level.


Before we get into my analysis of InnoCashAds, let’s take a look at how the company describes itself.

Publicly, InnoCashAds state that they are

an advertising program that not only generates traffic for your opportunities – products and/or services, but also rewards you for advertising with us! IS NOT AN INVESTMENT PROGRAM.

The reality of how InnoCashAds are marketing themselves however tell an entirely different story.

First, let’s take a look at the meta keywords the owner of InnoCashAds has personally chosen to describe the purpose InnoCashAds to search engines with:

meta name=”keywords” content=”revenue sharing, profit sharing, alertpay, hyip, alertpay hyip, money doubler”

HYIP standing for ‘high yield investment program’, and of course you’ll note that there’s no mention of advertising or sales.

Furthermore here’s an official advertising banner from the company itself:

2% daily for 75 days’? That certainly doesn’t sound like an advertising network being marketed to me…

That’s because like the other investment Ponzi schemes doing the rounds at the moment, InnoCashAds is no different.

The company does differ slightly in allowing non-members to purchase ad blocks, however there are no commissions tied into these ad purchases, meaning that 100% of the commissions earnt by InnoCashAds are via the investment of money.

Furthermore there doesn’t appear to be any reason for anyone who isn’t investing in InnoCashAds to advertise on the website seeing as nobody will visit it and see the ads who isn’t attracted to the investment scheme the site offers.

Despite offering the purchase of ads separate from the investment scheme, the reality is the percentage (if any) of advertising purchased vs. the money invested by members is going to be negligible.

At the end of the day mathematically InnoCashAds can’t pay out 150% of what they take in (more if we take into consideration referral commissions).

With the retail advertising business not even remotely likely to cover the payouts, once again we’re looking at a simple Ponzi scheme that will eventually fail.