Youngevity filed suit against Bulavita for trademark infringement late last year.

We’ve been tracking the case and so far there haven’t been any significant updates.

On January 25th Youngevity was directed to inform the court of the case status, failing which it would be dismissed.

On January 26th Youngevity filed its response.

In its response Youngevity falls back on settlement negotiations with Wakaya Perfection.

Wakaya Perfection changed its name to Bulavita in late 2019.

As per Youngevity’s response filing;

Defendants in this case are also engaged in litigation in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California: Youngevity International et al. v. Todd Smith et al.

On November 10, 2020, the parties in the California Litigation reached an agreement in principle to settle causes of action asserted between certain parties to that action.

That partial settlement would include Youngevity’s agreement to dismiss this lawsuit with prejudice.

The Parties are currently negotiating the terms of a final settlement agreement.

According to Youngevity, settlement negotiations are expected to be finalized “within the next 30 days”.

Going by the date of Youngevity’s filing, that puts us at February 26th.

When final, the settlement will obviate the need to litigate in this proceeding.

Youngevity will dismiss this lawsuit with prejudice consistent with that settlement agreement.

If the settlement is not consummated, however, Youngevity intends to prosecute this lawsuit.

I’ve scheduled our next case docket update for February 25th.


Update 11th March 2021 – On March 5th Youngevity filed a motion to dismiss with prejudice.

The court granted the motion later that same day.

With Youngevity’s case being dismissed this ends BehindMLM’s coverage of Youngevity’s Bulavita trademark infringement suit.