Just over a month ago WorldVentures terminated David Wood’s affiliate position.

The cited reason for the termination was Wood’s use of “lewd images and profane and obscene language” on his personal website, as well as ‘negative and demeaning statements about a fellow WorldVentures Representative, and the company’s CEO‘.

Wood claims World Ventures owes him commissions. He responded to his termination by vowing to “entirely destroy” the company.

In a nutshell David Wood claims WorldVentures owes him commissions. As of June 13th WorldVentures had failed to publicly address the ongoing situation.

That still appears to be the case, however on June 15th the company filed a lawsuit against Wood in Collin County, Texas.

WorldVentures Holdings LLC, Wayne Nugent, Daniel Stammen and Josh Paine (individually and on behalf of his children) are listed as plaintiffs.

David Wood is the sole named defendant.

I don’t have a copy of WorldVentures’ complaint. What we do know though is that it was accompanied by a motion for a temporary injunction.

The motion was granted on June 15th, the same day it was filed.

The court sided with WorldVentures and found unless Wood was enjoined,

an immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage will result to Plaintiffs … because Wood has threatened specific violence and bodily injury against Plaintiffs.

The TRO was granted based on WorldVentures’ submitted evidence pertaining to Wood’s termination.

WorldVentures has established that Wood was a WorldVentures Representative, that Wood’s position with WorldVentures was subject to WorldVentures’ policies and procedures, and that his contract was terminated for cause.

WorldVentures has established a likelihood of success on the merits of its claims.

As per the TRO, Wood is prohibited from

  • directly or indirectly initiating or engaging in any contact with WorldVentures, Nugent, Stammen, Paine, or any of their family members
  • directly coming within 1000 feet of Nugent, Stammen, Paine, or any of their family members
  • coming within 1000 feet of WorldVentures corporate office
  • directly or indirectly taking any action to harass, intimidate, threaten, or cause physical, emotional, or financial harm to Plaintiffs, the individual Plaintiff’s family members, or any WorldVentures employee
  • directly or indirectly encouraging others to harass, intimidate, threaten, or cause physical, emotional, or financial harm, to Plaintiffs, the individual Plaintiff’s family members, or any WorldVentures employee
  • assaulting, battering, or attempting to threaten to assault or batter any WorldVentures employee, its or their property, Nugent, Stammen, Paine, or any of their family members

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office was ordered to arrest Wood should he violate the TRO.

Court records show the TRO was extended on June 27th and a hearing was held on the matter on July 12th.

David Wood did not personally attend or have an attorney attend on his behalf.

The TRO has thus been extended until August 27th, on which the case trial has been scheduled.

David Wood’s response to all of this appears to be a blog post dated July 17th, titled:

Newsflash: World Ventures Has Stolen From My Family, And Must Be Entirely Destroyed.

If You’re In, Flee. Radical Islam, Please Help. King David Loves You!

In the post, Wood (right) urges

teenagers in Plano, Texas and radical Islamic terrorists (to) throw eggs at the WorldVentures headquarters literally everyday (and rocks) … and generally make it the most unsafe place to work in North America, until every last employee quits for good.

WorldVentures are thieves and liars … (and) the worst company in network marketing.

After providing WorldVentures’ corporate address, Wood also urges readers to

send hate mail, dog poop, and otherwise make the lives of everyone who works there completely miserable, until the company is utterly destroyed from off of the face of the earth (completely, with zero traces of it’s existence remaining in history, other than on the “failure section” of the bookstore, dedicated to those who cross King David and the People of Israel.)

In addition to that, please login to your bank account, find a recent charge from World Ventures, and hit the “Chargeback” button for EVERY RECURRING TRANSACTION THAT YOU HAVE PAID.

It only takes 100 chargebacks to seriously damage a companies merchant accounts.

And just for good measure, Wood threatens to “legally destroy” WorldVentures’ headquarters ‘all across the world with Energy Weapons from Zion, after international courts and trials‘.

If there was any doubt any of the above was published in violation of the standing TRO – Wood goes onto request anyone who sees John Paine to

please break his nose for me (I would, nut he is too much of a coward and put a restraining order on me).

Josh Paine (is) the biggest wussy/pussy ass CEO in the HISTORY OF NETWORK MARKETING!

He must be entirely destroyed and have his family harmed the same way he has harmed mine.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

I will not stop until he has lost everything if he does not restore what he has stolen from my family.

Stylizing himself as “Elohim-Masarecht, the Father of Jesus”, Wood is accusing WorldVentures of religious persecution.

Had Wood of been residing in Texas, I’m pretty confident publishing the above would have resulted in his arrest.

Last I heard however Wood was in Arizona, where he was staying with an associate. His current whereabouts are unknown, at least to me.

Typically I’m used to reporting on injunctions granted at a federal level. I know Collin County Sheriff’s Office can’t cross state lines to arrest someone, so one assumes the TRO outside of Texas is kind of pointless?

It’ll be interesting to see what comes of the August 28th hearing meanwhile, but again the question of whether or not it will be a meaningless ruling outside of Texas arises.

Anyone more legally inclined care to weigh in?


Update 28th August 2018 – As per an August 27th final judgment, WorldVentures has been granted a permanent injunction against David Wood.