Following a series of reported non-payment of owed commissions, David Wood issued World Ventures with multiple deadlines.

World Ventures appears to have responded in kind by terminating David Wood as an affiliate sometime in the last 24 hours.

Unless World Ventures reverse the termination by 10 am Wednesday, June 13th, Wood has vowed to “entirely destroy” and “shutdown” the company.

Co-founder and CEO of the collapsed Empower Network opportunity, these days David Wood styles himself as 2020 Presidential candidate, Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel.

With the aid of hallucinogens, Wood believes he has roughly a year and a half to save the universe.

Evidently part of that plan saw Wood sign up as a World Ventures affiliate.

Wood claims he needs his World Ventures to feed “millions of children”.

Upon joining World Ventures earlier this year, Wood claims the company’s CEO Josh Paine, who Wood describes as a “fucking pussy”, took issue with a story Wood told about “a bear in a cage”.

Wood claims that since then Paine has “hated his guts”.

Despite these first impressions, Wood persisted with the business.

On or around March, the relationship between Wood and World Ventures began to deteriorate.

This has been playing out since then, culminating in World Ventures’ termination of Wood yesterday.

Wood (right) claims that after being nice to World Ventures, he’s now “going to get real fucking mean”.

(World Ventures) terminated my affiliate account after they bought my database, after they stole my team from me, after they treated me like the worse people in the history of god-damn network marketing.

Dan Stamen you’re a piece of fucking shit.

Wayne Nugent you’re a fucking coward.

Josh Paine if I ever see you, I’m gonna fuckin’ break your jaw.

Referring to himself as an “enlightened prophet”, Wood goes on to claim World Ventures is “stealing” from his wife and kids.

That agreement that I signed with you guys, was with the intention of separating me with [sic] World Ventures.

You guys have continuously disrespected me and not honored the contract that I signed, saying you were gonna inject volume into my weaker leg.

Your bullshit has cost me a million dollars this year. You have prevented me from feeding children.

Wood’s first order of business is to “withdraw the King David protection from World Ventures in the name of Jesus”.

Let there be errors that manifest in accounting, commissions, technology, man and women errors (???).

Let the customer service department make constant errors with the reps, causing a mountain and a tidal wave of chargebacks.

Wood seems convinced he’ll be able to get a significant number of past and present World Ventures’ members to file chargebacks against the company.

I want you to get ready to file a chargeback against World Ventures for dishonoring King David.

For dishonoring their contract. For dishonoring their policies. For lying to you.

I want you to get ready to chargeback. All of you.

I will produce tens of thousands of chargebacks if you guys don’t just honor me right now.

I’ll ruin all of your merchant accounts.

In addition to chargebacks, Wood threatens to post on news sites, press-releases and even “get on TV”.

I will fuck you guys up if you don’t fuckin’ honor me right the fuck now.

You’ll be gone. You will not exist at all. You won’t be able to.

I’ll get the whole country boycotting you. I’ll get boycotts and people won’t be able to show up at meetings it’ll get so bad.

All of this, Wood claims, is “the will of the son doing the will of the father”.

I will make sure that anyone who does not support me in World Ventures will also have their brand destroyed.

Wood has vowed to “not back down” against World Ventures “until there is some major financial compensation”.

He also threatens to start “group lawsuits” and ‘sue (World Ventures) in the FTC until the company is entirely destroyed and shut down‘.

Literally, you guys doing that (the termination), has cut off the protection of god from World Ventures.

It would be like World Ventures just crucified Jesus again.

You didn’t kick Isaiah out of your company. You didn’t kick Moses out of your company. You didn’t kick John the Baptist out of your company. You didn’t kick T. D. Jakes out of your company.

You kicked King David out of your company. You guys are fucked.

Last week Wood demanded World Ventures give him a 50% financial stake in the company.

To date World Ventures has not publicly addressed its ongoing beef with David Wood.