Following WorldVentures’ filing of a contempt motion on July 27th, David Wood has been found in contempt of court.

The August 8th case docket states that WorldVentures’ attorneys attended the hearing. David Wood failed to make an appearance.

An unnamed witness was sworn in, testimony heard and then the contempt motion was granted.

Following termination of David Wood’s WorldVentures affiliate membership and subsequent threats, the company is pursuing an injunction against him.

A trial to decide the matter remains scheduled for August 27th.

Wood meanwhile has been quiet on his YouTube channels over the past few weeks, but still maintains his “Teaching of King David” blog.

Wood’s latest August 8th headline reads, “Here’s How To Consecrate Your ASS-etc Over To Jesus, and Get Laid Every Day Like A Super Hero (Whether You Work Or Not…)”.


Update 28th August 2018 – As per an August 27th final judgment, WorldVentures has been granted a permanent injunction against David Wood.