WeWe Global’s hopes of pitching its Ponzi scheme across Australia and New Zealand throughout February hasn’t gone to plan.

The so-called “Oceania Tour” was met with a hostile reception from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority, who issued a Ponzi and pyramid fraud warning on February 8th.

Top Italian WeWe Global scammer Diego Endrizzi was supposed to headline WeWe Global’s Oceania Tour.

Endrizzi, who fled his native Italy for Dubai, is reported to have held up a plane as he abandoned his trip to New Zealand in the wake of the FMA’s warning.

On February 9th WeWe Global held an event at Novotel Christchurch Airport. Despite the FMA’s fraud warning, Novotel seemingly had no issue providing WeWe Global scammers a venue to recruit from.

Frank Everard Stace hosted the event, with a transcript provided by Danny De Hek revealing the FMA’s warning was dismissed as “ridiculous”.

There are a few things going on, right? All sorts of, you know, of course that’s ridiculous, but cause as a result of some of the misinformation about what it is we do.

This is gonna be addressed legally and the legal team are on it. And from our point of view, nothing changes. It’ll get sorted.

WeWe Global’s passive investment scheme constitutes a securities offering.

The FMA is New Zealand’s’ top financial regulator. WeWe Global isn’t registered to offer securities in New Zealand, or anywhere else on the planet.

It remains unclear how WeWe Global’s lawyers intend to challenge globally established securities laws.

Next Everard Stace addressed the Diego Endrizzi elephant in the room;

Diego couldn’t make it into New Zealand on legal advice in Australia, this will get sorted out and he’ll be back here as soon as possible.

While tickets to WeWe Global’s Oceania Tour were sold to the public, unbeknownst to attendees, they were screened before admission was granted.

Stuff reporter Martin van Beynen purchased a $20 WeWe Global Oceania Tour ticket.

Van Beynen was hoping to ask Diego Endrizzi about WeWe Global’s 10% a month passive investment scheme.

Van Beynen queued up, had his ticket scanned but was then told he wouldn’t be able to attend.

Frank Stace then appeared and  attempted to usher van Beynen away from other potential victims:

In van Beynen’s own words;

I seem to have been barred entry just because I’m an investigative reporter.

Frank, you’re killing me. You’re depriving me of one of the most compelling business opportunities of a lifetime, to use a WEWE marketing phrase.

I create a bit of a fuss. Only Frank, the hotel’s security manager and several WEWE enthusiasts stand between me and financial nirvana.

Frank obviously doesn’t want me to know the secret because I’m a reporter.

Danny De Hek also claims he was kicked out of the event.

So I went along, and I walked in like I owned the place.

And here I go, there is Tony Mark-Seymour standing there looking at me, wondering who I am.

My biggest regret was the fact that I said I was a nobody.

He chased me out the door, and the funny thing is he nearly tripped up on the speaker cable when he come after me.

In addition to being screened, attendees were also prohibited from recording footage.

WeWe Global has one last scheduled event in Australia to wrap up its Oceania Tour; the Adelaide Convention Center on February 15th.

Danny De Hek claims he’s contacted all of the venues booked to host WeWe Global’s Oceania Tour Ponzi events:

  • Pullman Melbourne Albert Park Sat, 4 Feb 2023
  • Novotel Sydney Parramatta Tue, 7 Feb 2023
  • Novotel Christchurch Airport Thu, 9 Feb 2023
  • InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort Sat, 11 Feb 2023
  • Adelaide Convention Centre Wed, 15 Feb 2023

I’ve tried to disrupt them as much as possible by contacting all the venues that are hosting the events.

Those efforts appear to have been unsuccessful.


Update 18th August 2023 – WeWe Global has collapsed for a third time.