Following the collapse of its original WEWEX Ponzi scheme in mid 2021, WeWe Global launched LyoFI and LyoPay in late 2021.

Attached to LyoFI and LyoPay was LYO, a token used to run a new 300% ROI Ponzi scheme.

As of January 2023, here’s how LYO token is going:

As LYO Ponzi dumps towards $0, WeWe Global has now launched an L-Finance Ponzi scheme.

WeWe Global has set up L-Finance on the domain “”.

“” was originally registered in 2020. The private registration was last updated on September 5th, 2022.

Through the Wayback Machine we can see “” was for sale in early 2022.

So it appears WeWe Global purchased the domain on or around September 2022.

A visit to L-Finance’s website reveals LFI is a BEP-20 token. These take a few minutes to set up at little to no cost.

Attached to L-Finance is the usual slew of cryptobro stuff nobody cares about:

What investors are here for is advertised annual returns of up to 2857.14%.

L-Finance and LFI is the old “staking” grift, except WeWe Global calls it “vesting” now.

Affiliates sign up, invest in LFI (or convert their worthless LYO to LFI), park the tokens with the company and collect more tokens.

The aim is to cash out subsequently invested funds. The problem is, as LYO bagholders are realizing, is that this relies on a constant stream of new victims to steal from.

SimilarWeb currently tracks negligible traffic to L-Finance’s website. WeWe Global website is up to 605,000 visits as of December 2022, up from 405,000 in November.

Outside of Seychelles however, recruitment has collapsed (Italy, Bulgaria, Argentina and Greece are all down).

In any event, it should be obvious that, before pleb investors can cash out, LFI will follow the same trajectory as LYO.

WeWe Global are touting LFI’s dumping on public exchanges as vLFI sometime in January 2023.

Beginning January 2023, LFi will be listed on several exchanges and price-tracking websites. It will be used for trades and transactions and to be vested as vLFi.

Expect a possible fourth WeWe Global reboot when vLFI inevitably collapses.

WeWe Global is believed to be run by Luiz Goes (aka Luiz Goez) out of Dubai.

Believed to be a Brazilian national, Goez may also be working with accomplices in Italy.


Update 18th August 2023 – WeWe Global has collapsed for a third time.