WeWe Global has collapsed for a third time.

Following unscheduled “extraordinary maintenance” on August 11st, WeWe Global has now suspended withdrawals for a month.

WeWe Global investors were initially prevented from withdrawing on August 11th;

Javier Smaldone was kind enough to tip me off. Figuring it might be a short-lived hiccup, I sat on it for a while.

There wasn’t really any further developments till a few days ago.

From the 19th of August to the 4th of September there will be NO activity on the platform.

Our NEW, IMPROVED PLATFORM will go live after the 4th.

WeWe Global disabled affiliate investors being able to cash out LFI (internal Ponzi points) for bitcoin (BTC). All they can do is convert LFI to WEWE-C, which must be reinvested back into the system.

With withdrawals disabled, effectively WeWe Global has collapsed.

Rather than just be honest about it, WeWe Global seem to have fed their investors a KYC exit-scam.

And withdrawals will now remain disabled to the 15th.

Obviously WeWe Global isn’t upgrading anything, nor do they care about KYC.

And even if you did buy into the exit-scam ruse, it certainly doesn’t take 30 days to upgrade some servers and run a KYC check again (WeWe global already initiated KYC to delay withdrawals some time ago).

In a legitimate business, any upgrades would be performed in a staging environment before being patched into the live service. Done correctly, this wouldn’t be noticeable to users.

It’s also a bit disturbing to see WeWe Global investors presenting regulations as an excuse for the exit-scam.

Regulation of securities fraud is straight-forward; either you’re registered with financial regulators and filing audited financial reports, or you aren’t because you’re a Ponzi scheme.

WeWe Global is an obvious Ponzi scheme with no verifiable source of external revenue.

SimilarWeb tracks Italy (39%), Greece (15%), Germany (6%), Bulgaria (6%) and Peru (6%) as top sources of Wewe Global website traffic.

Recruitment in New Zealand was on the rise, till the FMA issued a WeWe Global and LyoPay securities fraud warning in February 2023.

WeWe Global added LyoFi and LyoPay after its original 2021 Ponzi model collapsed in 2022.

Assuming WeWe Global doesn’t just disappear between now and September 15th, what I’m assuming will happen is a reboot with withdrawal restrictions.

Basically anything to stop the withdrawals, in the hope enough new money still trickles in to make stealing money through WeWe Global worthwhile.


Update 21st September 2023 – WeWe Global has rebooted for a fourth time as The Blockchain Era.