wealth-masters-international-logoI’m no financial advisor but appreciate that in the afermath and continuing troubled economic times we find ourselves in, there’s an abundance of economic gurus out there taking advantage of fear, speculation and uncertainty.

One such person is Wealth Masters International co-founder Kip Herriage.

In a Wealth Masters ‘Global Update’ call, Kip Herriage pretty much declared that universe implosion was imminent.

In the call, Herriage predicted

  • Japan and the Yen will not survive 2011
  • that the next great world war will be in the middle east, solely to drag economies out of recession
  • this war will be over food and the central reserve and federal banks all over the world are responsible as they create inflation
  • the media cannot be trusted as they are in the same financial cartel as the federal reserve
  • various European countries will fail, followed by England, Japan and then the US
  • sometime before 2013 the world will find itself in a place where grocery prices are rising by the hour and we’re going to have people raiding grocery store shelves in protest
  • when all of this is happening, you will not be able to get money out of your bank


It’s not all doom and gloom though, in the spirit of encouragement, Herriage also

  • gave permission‘ to people to enter into a strategic default. Essentially Herriage encouraged people to stop paying off their mortgage to give themselves as 18-24 month rent free period before defaulting and starting to rent
  • buy big on gold, silver and shares. Don’t keep money in the bank, instead keep gold and silver around your house. Oh, and don’t tell anyone about it


Herriage also claimed that

  • the housing market won’t come back for a generation and
  • that the dot come industry never recovered from the 2000 dot com crash


Like I said at the beginning of this article, I’m no financial expert so I can’t challenge Herriage directly. Rather, I’ve published this so that as early as the end of the year we can start to see whether or not some of his predictions reach fruition.

As for 2013, yeah I’ll be around for that ‘end of the universe’ deadline too.

What you’ll notice of course is that all of this is used on the backend of pushing WMI’s product line. Is Herriage engaging in mere smart subtle marketing of the Wealth Masters International business opportunity (mind you the end of the call with Karl Bessey was anything but subtle), or is he genuinely providing solid financial and investment advice?

You can hear the full audio over at Wealth Masters’ ‘WMIToday’ website. You’ll probably want to skip over the intro and love in between Herriage and Bessey – things start to get interesting around the twenty eight minute mark.