Unknown to me as I was researching Viridian for our recently published review, the company was gearing up to completely abandon its MLM business.

On December 2nd Viridian advised it was holding a “special Business Update Call” on Monday, December 4th.

As per a communication sent out to affiliates today, on Friday, December 1st, Viridian corporate met with “field leaders”.

Whether the decision was made at the meeting or prior (it sounds like the meeting was corporate informing top affiliates of a decision already made), the company announced it was abandoning them.

After 8 years of this incredible growth, positive impact and contribution to the energy and direct selling industries, Viridian International Management (“Viridian”) is undergoing a significant business transition and will be focusing more exclusively on energy sales as of March of 2018.

After eight years of letting affiliates build their customer-base, leaving them in the lurch is no doubt a slap in the face.

While the company will no longer support the continued growth of the network marketing channel, this transition will allow the company to continue to honor the ongoing commission commitments it has to its dedicated Associates, ensure no disruption to ongoing service of energy or travel customers, and allow for the continued enrollment of clean energy customers.

As I understand it Viridian affiliates with existing customers (both retail and recruited affiliates) will continue to earn commissions on those services for the life of the service subscription.

They won’t however be able to enroll new energy customers or build their MLM downlines.

It sounds like Travel Light will also be abandoned (although existing service subscription preserved), with Viridian looking to transition into a retail energy provider.

From now until March 1, 2018, there will be no changes to your Viridian business and you will be able to continue to access all services, sponsor Associates, enroll customers and receive commissions as you always have.

In addition, you’ll be able to continue to increase your Paid-As Rank, for the purposes of maximizing your long-term earnings with Viridian.

Personally I’m not sure why anyone but “field leaders” already earning from large customer-bases would continue to work the business, knowing full-well that the MLM side will slowly die after March next year.

Always a shame to see an MLM company boot its affiliate sales force and continue on with their customers.

I will say though that at least affiliates have been given four months notice. Typically when these sorts of shutdowns are announced changes are effective immediately.

From Viridian corporate to their affiliates: Merry Christmas!