Jimmy Ezzell’s foray into MLM cryptocurrency and AI fraud has collapsed.

Just days after BehindMLM published its Vilocity Global review, the company’s website and incriminating marketing videos have been pulled.

Vilocity Global solicited $50 investments in Binance Coin on the promise of a $10,000 return.

BehindMLM reviewed Vilocity Global on April 12th, identifying securities and wire fraud.

Within days of our review being published, Vilocity Global pulled its website.

Note that although the public-facing website is down, Vilocity Global affiliates can still access their backoffice:

BehindMLM’s review also cited incriminating Vilocity Global marketing videos featuring Global Master Trainer Ali Mehdaoui.

These too have been deleted. Vilocity Global has scrubbed its official YouTube channel dating back to December 2023.

Neither Jimmy Ezzell or Ali Mehdaoui have publicly addressed Vilocity Global’s collapse.

What “Phase 2” of Vilocity Global’s Ponzi scheme looks like remains to be seen.

Promoters are claiming Vilocity Global’s “Phase 2” reboot will launch on April 23rd.

Pending any further updates we’ll keep you posted.