We’re a bit late to this one… but back in July United Games Marketing announced it had been fully acquired by Investview.

The amount Investview paid for United Games Marketing was not disclosed.

The acquisition of UGM, among other things, will give Investview access to “19,000 active paying customers” and a “1.5 million person database”.

United Games Marketing launched in mid 2016. The initial concept was a sports gambling app tied to a virtual token.

Initially there was money tied to the token, but after a legal review tokens were instead linked to prizes.

The company soon ran into compliance problems, delaying the launch of the app until late 2016.

After launch things seem to quieten down. We didn’t hear anything much on our end.

Alexa traffic statistics show a relative steady visitor-count to the United Games Marketing for most of 2017, so it wasn’t a complete flop.

As of December 2017, traffic sharply declined and by April it was tanking.

In a marketing video dated August 1st, UGM co-founder Natalyn Lewis stated;

we (UGM) found there was just not enough volume in a single game to create a substantial opportunity for our affiliates.

Affiliates did not make enough money. We knew that. Everybody knew that.

I imagine the sale to Investview was to save what was left.

In the aforementioned marketing video, Lewis claims UGM was looking into integrating cryptocurrency into their FireFan app.

That is what essentially lead to the relationship with Investview and Kuvera Global.

While I can swallow Unites Games Marketing having access to 1.5 million email addresses (the launch hype was real), the company still having 19,000 active paying customers seems a bit of a stretch.

On the other hand Investview is a publicly traded company however and that’s what they’re putting out there – so who knows.

For now the terms of the acquisition will see United Games Marketing continue to operate as an independent entity.

One worrying aspect of the acquisition is Kuvera Global being pushed onto UGM affiliates and customers.

Despite US regulators cracking down on cryptocurrency investment opportunities for securities fraud, Kuvera Global continues to flaunt its unregistered cloud mining opportunity in front of the SEC.

How long this will continue for is unclear. As we mentioned earlier Investview is registered with the SEC, however the Kuvera Global investment opportunity is not.

Alexa currently cite the US as the fourth largest source of traffic to the Kuvera Global website, behind Nigeria (18%), Brazil (16%) and Mexico (13%).