Last week in a letter sent out to his downline, US founding member of TVI Express Patrick Dejour announced that TVI Express had been issued a cease and desist in at least one US state.

Naturally this announcement meant turmoil for a lot of US based TVI Express members and many of them seem to now be hailing rival travel club Bon Voyage 1000 as the second coming of Christ.

As one BehindMLM reader ‘Douglas’ puts it;

BV1000 is the best by does not compare with TVI express which is full of promises, ownership is not clear and no product at all!!! but BV1000′s products are accessible.

what a relief!!!

Broken Promises, non clear ownership and no product are apparently what seperate Bon Voyage 1000 from TVI Express and got them into trouble in the first place.


Maybe… but how about a bit more analysis of the differences between the two? I mean we wouldn’t want all these TVI Express distributors jumping ship only to find that Bon Voyage 1000 runs into the same problems a few months down the track now would we.

So exactly just how different is Bon Voyage 1000 from TVI Express?

The Products

TVI Express’ one and only product was a travel voucher. This voucher was then used to purchase discounted travel packages.

Bon Voyage 1000 on the other hand offer something completely different. BV1000 offer members a travel card that enables access to holders of the card to a variety of discounted travel packages.

Well ok, so maybe they’re  not that different. Apart from the cost (BV1000’s travel card costing $349 vs. TVI Express’ vouchers coming in at $250), both products merely provide access to services offered by third parties.

The compensation plans

Both TVI Express and Bon Voyage 1000 use a matrix compensation plan, the difference between the two however is the size.

TVI Express employ a 2×3 model whereas Bon Voyage use a 2×2. As a result, TVI Express’ matrix requires 14 positions to be filled before commission is paid out and Bon Voyage 1000 just 6.

From a marketing standpoint it’d be easy to look at these numbers and claim Bon Voyage 1000 is the better deal and clearly different. But is it?

Both the compensation plans of TVI Express and Bon Voyage 1000 award commissions based on members cycling out of these matrices. The commonality between the two plans however is that due to neither company paying any commission out for use or sale of their products, both then rely on the constant supply of new recruits to the business opportunity.

So instead of exhausting a fixed capacity market at 14 members per commission payout, Bon Voyage 1000 members can now do so exponentially faster requiring just 6 members to cycle.

If you want to analogise that, both company’s are trains travelling on a fixed line towards market saturation.

Whereas the TVI Express train was travelling at 60km/h the Bon Voyage train has come along and upped the speed to over 120km/h. Both trains are going to arrive at the same final destination – but one is going to get there over twice as fast!

Sound sustainable to you? Me either.

How both companies are marketed

This one’s easy and all it takes is two quick google searches to confirm for yourself that both business opportunities are being marketed in the exact same manner.

Both TVI Express and Bon Voyage 1000 are clearly marketed by members as a business opportunity rather then a company with some sort of tangible product.

The fact of the matter is nobody is out there peddling travel cards or vouchers, well except maybe those trying to recoup massive losses by pedalling them off on eBay after they’ve left the company. Instead the internet is inundated with advertisements urging potential members to join the opportunity itself.

This behaviour is quite easy to understand. I mean with zero commissions paid out on retailing the product, why would you even bother marketing it?

Bon Voyage 1000 and TVI Express payout their members for recruiting new members to the business – so this naturally is what existing members advertise towards.


There appears to be a misguided mindset that the reason TVI Express has been declared a pyramid scheme in Australia and ordered to cease and desist in the US because of the lack of customer support and travel opportunities provided to members.

Somehow these two minor areas of the business (as I mentioned earlier, the company doesn’t pay commissions for product use or sales), does anyone really believe they overshadow the far more prominent fact that constant recruitment is required for members to get paid?

Both TVI Express and Bon Voyage 1000’s compensation plans contain the regulatory fatal flaw of not requiring the sale of any product to get paid. You can join either company but regardless of which you join, you’re not getting paid unless you recruit new members to the opportunity.

Product? What product? You don’t need to worry about the product. I’m offering you a ground level opportunity here to make a gabillion dollars – all you have to do is sign up and recruit others – like I’m recruiting you right now! IT’S EASY!’

Well of course it is but at the same time why TVI Express ran into trouble in the first place.

With very little discernible differences between the compensation plans and mandate requirement for existing members to recruit new members to get paid, I don’t believe it will be too far along before Bon Voyage 1000 itself either collapses (due to a simply unsustainable matrix cycle rate of just 6 people) or the authorities step in.

If you can completely strip an MLM company’s products and leave the business model intact then something suss is usually going on. Regarding TVI Express and Bon Voyage 1000, in both cases this holds true.

If you really want to confirm this for yourself – just ask your nearest TVI Express of Bon Voyage 1000 member to disclose how many people they’ve recruited to the business opportunity vs. how many ‘vacation packages’ they’ve booked.

That should sum up everything you need to know about both opportunities.