Trust Your Universe has rebooted as Universe Academy.

The move follows multiple securities fraud warnings from financial regulators.

Trust Your Universe was a 10% a month Dubai Ponzi scheme run by Dada Pey.

Owing to Pey’s ties to Germany, TrustYourUniverse primarily targeted investors in Germany and Austria. This eventually attracted the attention of local authorities.

Germany’s BaFin issued a Trust Your Universe securities fraud warning on December 22nd, 2022. Austria’s Financial Market Authority issued a Trust Your Universe securities fraud warning on March 17th.

Following the fraud warnings, Pey deleted his active Instagram account and went underground.

There is no mention of Pey on Universe Academy’s website domain (“”). The website domain itself was privately registered on March 10th, 2023.

Trust Your Universe was run through Universe Trading LLC, a St. Vincent and the Grenadines shell company. Universe Academy has seen St. Vincent and the Grenadines switched out for Thailand.

Instead of offering returns through the ruse of trading, Universe Academy now frames its fraudulent investment scheme as a “Shareholder Club”.

Our shareholder pools are a unique opportunity to earn a share of our weekly revenue, simply by investing in yourself and promoting our courses and services to others.

Universe Academy’s monthly returns still work out to 10% a month.

Other than the company name changing and shell incorporation in Thailand, Universe Academy is otherwise still the same Ponzi scheme.


Update 26th November 2023 – Universe Academy has collapsed and reportedly been rebooted as LegacyX.

LegacyX operates from the domain “”. No details on the MLM side of the business but it’s the same forex trading ruse.


Update 5th March 2024 – BaFin has advised they are also investigating LegacyX.