The Traffic Monsoon Receiver’s proposed claims process has been approved.

This means we now have a set cutoff date and procedural instructions for claim filing.

The most important date to Traffic Monsoon victims is the April 10th, 2020 claims bar date.

Any claims filed after this date will be disallowed.

Claims are to be filed via the Traffic Monsoon Receivership website.

Any Claim allegedly submitted by e-mail, U.S. mail, or any other informal mechanism to the Receiver that is not submitted using the Receiver’s Claim portal is Disallowed, unless the Claimant has received express, written consent from the Receiver or an order from the Court.

Claims can only be made on actual funds lost in Traffic Monsoon. Claims pertaining to believed earnings or backoffice balances will be discarded.

As per the December 20th order, the claims process is scheduled to go live within twenty-one days.

Beyond April 20th we currently don’t have a timeframe on how long it will take to process claims.

I imagine that will largely come down to how many claims are filed, and how many of them are bogus and/or disputed.


Update 8th January 2019 – The Traffic Monsoon victim claims portal is now live.