The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has submitted a victim claims process for approval.

While Charles Scoville has been pursing failed appeals, the Traffic Monsoon Receiver has been working towards ‘investigating options for the most time- and cost-efficient means of conducting a claims process‘.

Previously the Receiver stated that Traffic Monsoon victims wouldn’t be filing written claims. That’s still the case, with the exception of ‘the rare instance where the Claimant can establish cause‘.

For the most part Traffic Monsoon victims will be filing claims electronically, via a portal hosted on the Traffic Monsoon Receivership website.

Traffic Monsoon victims will have ninety days to file claims. Any claims filed after the cutoff date will be “disallowed in (their) entirety”.

As of yet claim dates have not been set.

Note that with other Receiverships we have seen extension requested and granted, but it’s not something to positively rely on.

Upon submission, the Receivership will then check submitted claims against analyzed Traffic Monsoon records.

Once a determination has been made, it will be communicated to the claimant.

The claimant then has the option of accepting or disputing the claim.

Once the dispute process is resolved, the Receivership will then work towards distribution payments for allowed claims.

Given we’ve been a through a few receiverships now, here are some notes:

Don’t use anything other than the online claims portal to file a claim.

Thinking an email or letter to the Receiver counts as a submitted claim?

Think again.

Claims submitted by mail, facsimile, or electronic mail will not be accepted, and will not be deemed timely submitted absent prior agreement by the Receiver.

The Receiver may disregard any claims submitted other than through the Claim Portal.

One account = one claim

If you had multiple Traffic Monsoon accounts in your name, you’ll need to file a separate claim for each account.

Do not file one claim for losses across multiple accounts.

If you made money in Traffic Monsoon, you are not a victim.

If the sum total you withdrew out of Traffic Monsoon in ROI withdrawals and commissions exceeds the sum total of actual money you invested, you are not a Traffic Monsoon victim.

Only Traffic Monsoon victims are eligible for distribution payments via the claims process.

Note that the reinvestment of monopoly money returns is not actual money invested.

Also note that if you had multiple accounts in your name, while individual claims are required for each claim, total losses/profit are calculated in aggregate across all accounts.

E.g. You had two accounts and one lost $1 and the other made $1000; You are not a Traffic Monsoon victim.

Don’t claim what you can’t prove.

If you gave Uncle John down the street $1000 to invest in Traffic Monsoon and there’s no record of it on their books, your claim won’t be allowed.

Claimants must also provide the details of any payments made by Traffic Monsoon to or for the benefit of the Claimant.

Such information will aid the Receiver in reconciling the claims.

Claimants must also answer several short questions.

The answers to these questions will be used both in the claims reconciliation process and to further aid the Receiver in her investigation of the Traffic Monsoon scheme.

The Receiver can only approve what matches up with Traffic Monsoon’s records.

If you invested with an individual and they pulled something dodgy on the backend (i.e. kept the money and gave you adpacks they generated), you’re probably shit out of luck.

Don’t claim imaginary returns.

The quickest way to get your claim disapproved is to claim what you think you earned or were going to earn.

This includes monopoly money funds in your Traffic Monsoon backoffice.

The victim claims process is for investors who lost what they invested in Traffic Monsoon. It is not for idiots who think they are entitled to promised Ponzi returns.

Provide accurate contact details.

Make sure the Receiver can get in contact with you. Hire a translator if you need to.

Submitting a claim, doing nothing for two or three years and then asking why nobody contacted you about not getting paid is on you.

Don’t submit multiple claims.

Some of you are already going to have an uphill battle fighting your upline who might claim your invested funds.

Don’t make things more confusing by filing multiple claims for the same sum of money.

Don’t file claims on behalf of others.

By all means help Traffic Monsoon victims if they need it, but don’t file claims in your name on behalf of others.

The one exception to this is an attorney filing on your behalf.

Remember, submitted claims need to match up with Traffic Monsoon’s records.

If you thought you were being clever by signing up your pet cat and three canaries under your master account for the referral commissions, that money is probably gone.


We’ll leave you with a reminder that the Receiver’s motion is pending approval.

At this time the Receiver is not seeking to make distributions
to Claimants.

Upon completion of the Claims Process, the Receiver will seek further relief from this Court with respect to distributing funds to Claimants holding allowable claims.

As of yet no dates have been set. Any comments along the lines of “when can I haz my money?” will not be published.