traffic-monsoon-logoBad news for those looking forward to the Traffic Monsoon preliminary injunction next week.

For reasons not yet entirely clear, the hearing has been delayed by over a month.

The case docket doesn’t explicitly state whythe preliminary injunction hearing has been delayed, but does state the delay was made at the behest of counsel.

Whether that refers to the SEC’s counsel or Charles Scoville’s counsel is unclear.

A “substitution of counsel” filing on September 14th suggests Charles Scoville might be to blame for the delay.

Scoville’s previous lawyer, Edwin S. Wall, has withdrawn from the case and been substituted for D. Loren Washburn of Washburn Law Group, LLC.

No reason for the withdrawal or substitution is provided.

While it is reasonable for Scoville’s newly appointed attorney to request additional time to prepare a defense, why Scoville is changing lawyers a week before the previously scheduled hearing is a mystery.

The Traffic Monsoon preliminary injunction is now scheduled to take place on November 1st.

Stay tuned…