traffic-monsoon-logoSunil Patel describes himself as a “serious businessman” who “lost so much money” in the MLM company ACN.

Patel claims to have been an ‘entrepreneur for nineteen years‘, a book author and owner of ‘a personal brand worth millions‘.

[10:30] I’ve had top coaching from Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Richard Branson.

Yet despite these “credentials” and nearly two decades of experience, Patel was unable (or simply refused) to identify Traffic Monsoon for what it is.

[18:02] I joined Traffic Monsoon on the 9th of September 2015 … I am an official Traffic Monsoon presenter.

[10:49] I would not have come into this business (Traffic Monsoon) if I thought there was even a millimeter chance of a Ponzi.

[16:25] I am not a person who just woke up and joined Traffic Monsoon because of a some banners.

I done my research. I met Charles when he came to London. I met Immy, I met all the leaders of Traffic Monsoon and I trusted them.

What Patel “thought” Traffic Monsoon was doing when it used newly invested $50 deposits to pay existing investors a $55 ROI is a mystery.

sunil-patel-traffic-monsoonPatel (right) appears to be under the impression that the SEC are obliged to return funds deposited into a fraudulent business.

[11:43] None of us have stole that money. Most of that money has come from bank accounts and wires. It’s come from PayPal.

You are holding our money and you need to give our money back.

[13:05] You are holding our money and you have no right. Release our money. Every single penny, give it back to us.

[22:09] SEC you have to please come to your senses and give us our money back.

Our money is hard-earned money and we’re not gunna leave this situation. It’s very very very very unfair.

If the SEC does not comply with Patel’s ultimatum, he goes on to threaten the regulator with legal action.

[12:08] If you do not start giving us some justice very very soon, me personally and a couple of (Traffic Monsoon) members … you are putting people into a corner where we have no other option.

I’ll be fighting the complaint and I’ll be fighting a personal lawsuit against the SEC for damages.

Because you have ruined my brand, you have ruined my peace of mind, you have ruined my friendships.

I have family members thinking y’know, “What is Sunil involved in?”

Whether Patel has sought legal advice is unclear. What possible cause of action Patel could use to sue a regulator stopping a Ponzi scheme is certainly a mystery to me.

If Patel is to be believed, Traffic Monsoon was not an investment and he and other affiliates paid for services rendered.

This flawed premise is perhaps best countered by Patel himself. If Traffic Monsoon wasn’t a Ponzi scheme and Patel and other affiliates weren’t owed anything, why is he so upset about the SEC seizing Traffic Monsoon’s bank accounts?

If you bought a Big Mac from McDonalds and a regulator froze the company’s bank accounts the next day, I don’t imagine you’d be demanding your money back.

Yet here we are, with Traffic Monsoon affiliates insisting they didn’t invest but at the same time demanding their “hard-earned” money be returned to them.

In a moment of ironic clarity misdirected as the SEC, Patel lays out the social cost of his scamming.

[11:12] You have destroyed so many people.

People’s houses have been repossessed. I’ve had people telling me they’re going to do suicide.

I’ve had people who said they’ve left their jobs and this is all they have.

What escapes Patel is that there is nobody to blame but Ponzi scammers such himself who recruited thousands into Traffic Monsoon.

Patel himself claims to have a Traffic Monsoon downline of over a thousand.

Other than claiming to have “made a lot of money”, Patel does not disclose how much he made by encouraging others to invest.

At no point in Patel’s twenty-four minute video does he address the fact that Traffic Monsoon paid out $55 on $50 deposits, funded by subsequent $50 deposits.


Update 30 March 2020 – As of the time of this update, Sunil Patel has removed the video this article references from his YouTube channel.