traffic-monsoon-logoThere’s nothing new on the legal front so far this week, but that doesn’t mean events are quietly unfolding behind the scenes.

The latest has seen Charles Scoville disable comments on his Facebook page and provide an update in which he claims his “intentions” should trump committing Ponzi fraud.

Traffic Monsoon investors are also actively encouraging their downlines not to contact the court-appointed Receiver, suggesting an email might have been sent out to affiliates.

BehindMLM hasn’t seen an email so I can’t independently verify whether or not the Receiver has reached out to Traffic Monsoon affiliates.

Here’s what those who may have been contacted however are being told by the scammers that recruited them:

Please DO NOT send an email to the receiver, they are playing a game with us . They are trying to trap us into stating that we are investors.

They are also saying help us in our case. They have no intention in helping the members. DO NOT give them any ammunition.

This “us vs. them” rhetoric is common enough in major Ponzi busts. It basically boils down to top investors terrified of regulators coming after them through clawback litigation.

Victims of Traffic Monsoon, that is those who lost money (probably upwards of 90% of affiliates), aren’t exposing yourself to any risk through communication with the Receiver. It is only those who made money in the scheme that run the risk of being sued by the SEC or the Receiver later down the track.

These of course are the same people telling you not to co-operate, whilst at the same time setting you up to be scammed again.

Charles Scoville meanwhile turned off public comments on his Facebook page yesterday.

charles-scovilleIn an undated update Scoville claims:

I’m advised by my attorney not to speak with anyone. That’s why I haven’t been responding to questions now.

Scoville then attempts to detach himself from the SEC lawsuit filed against him.

I’m taking all this on.. and I don’t know what to make of it to be honest. I didn’t expect PayPal to do what they did. I didn’t expect the SEC to do what they did.

I know that if I were to die then the company would be taken over by others. I didn’t expect that to happen either.

All this is just putting me in position where I don’t know what to do.

I know that in the past the Utah State Securities Division reviewed AdHitProfits — which has the same exact model where people can buy adpacks, click in the traffic exchange, and be rewarded for clicking in the exchange from the money that comes in from people buying ad services.

If that’s the case: no security/investment was found in AdHitProfits, then the SEC is wrong.

I’m also understanding that maybe the State of Utah Securities Division is wrong. I don’t know.

Against the backdrop of $207 million dollars in Ponzi fraud, Scoville insists that his intentions vindicate his actions.

My intentions behind this business to help people. Help people get traffic. Help people earn an income.

I’ve been very generous. All this is coming down to hurt me and destroy everything in my life that I hold dear.

Whatever’s happening it’s outside of my control.

People need to understand: Nothing related to the pain people are experiencing or have experienced is from something I did.

It was because of what PayPal has done. And now- it’s because of what the SEC is doing.

Left unsaid is the fact that both PayPal and the SEC reacted to Scoville committing financial fraud. But I suppose next he’ll be claiming that was “outside of his control” too.

Looking forward a number of legal defense funds have emerged, with one claimed to be set up by Scoville’s parents.

This suggests Scoville is no longer looking to quickly settle with the SEC, and instead might be looking to engage in a lengthy legal battle he’ll just wind up losing anyway.

Last week we learned that the Traffic Monsoon Receiver had been granted permission to cover Scoville’s return to the US. This doesn’t appear to have happened yet, with Scoville still believed to be hiding out in the UK.

Whether or not he now intends to return to the US is unclear.