The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has filed for an entry of default against five Traffic Monsoon clawback defendants.

The clawback defendants targeted in the filings are:

  • Vincent Boutin of Canada (withdrew $968,665);
  • Limited By Invitation, a UK partnership corp (withdrew $260,519);
  • Adil Khan of the UK (withdrew $328,663);
  • Javediqbal Naeem of the UK (withdrew $355,332); and
  • Mohammed Yasin of the UK (withdrew $349,529)

The Receiver’s entry of default motions were filed on July 19th and await further action from the court clerk.

An entry of default against US clawback defendant David Barker is also pending.


Update 23rd August 2019 – On August 12th the court clerk recorded Entry of Default against all five named defendants above.

No order has been made with respect to David Barker as at the time of publication.