I don’t profess to have familiarity with every religion on Earth. But as I understand it, with the exception of perhaps a few outliers, not stealing from people is a general rule accepted in most religions.

This makes Charles Scoville’s latest religious themed rants on Facebook all the more bizarre.

Put simply: How you going to run a Ponzi scheme with the aim of stealing millions, only then to hide behind Jesus’ skirt once caught?

And don’t tell me “the Lord” condones your thievery. What a load of utter nonsense!

After converting to Islam to get into the panties of two women (one married, one a girlfriend), Scoville reverted back to Christianity after he was dumped.

That’s at least how I understand it. Specific details related to the breakdown of Scoville’s relationship with the Islamic community have not been discussed publicly.

Claiming to speak on behalf of “the Lord, thy god”, Scoville’s latest Facebook rant is addressed to the SEC, Traffic Monsoon Receiver, PayPal and “all those haters too”.

Scoville begins by waffling on about wisdom and knowledge, proverbs, fear of god, not forsaking the law of “thy mothers”.

He then urges the SEC to not be enticed by sinners.

[2:10] Don’t consent, come on. Stop consenting to that.

Daniel Wadley (SEC attorney), c’mon stop consenting to the sins of this world, Peggy Hunt (Traffic Monsoon Receiver).

If they say come with us, let us lay “wait for blood”.

Let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause.

Isn’t that exactly what the SEC and PayPal have done in this case?

Uh, no. The SEC shut down your $207 million dollar Ponzi scheme, effectively stopping you from stealing any more money from Traffic Monsoon victims.

Evidently remorse isn’t part of the Scoville doctrine of loony tunes, with the serial scammer going on to compare himself to those he scammed.

[2:41] There are innocent people who have been damaged, and harmed, including me.

All of the members of Traffic Monsoon know how they individually have been hurt by the lies and the deceptions from PayPal and the SEC.

So if they say with us, “let us lay for blood”, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause.

Let us swallow them up alive in the grave and whole, as those that go down into the pits.

Scoville then goes off on a (bigger) tangent while he has a chat with God.

Finally at [4:52], things get back on track;

Who is the rightful owner of all the property that she’s holding on to?

Peggy Hunt is holding onto people’s rightful property. And she is doing it in a greedy way.

Nah. Scammer runs Ponzi scheme. SEC shuts down Ponzi scheme. Court appoints Receiver and Receiver seizes illegally obtained funds.

Pretty simple and how pretty much standard procedure for Ponzi schemes busted by US authorities.

Rather than accept the reality of the situation he’s now in though, Scoville doubles down and claims PayPal and the SEC are lying.

[6:06] I will laugh at your calamity. I will mock when your fear cometh because look at how you’ve been treating me.

Publicly lying to the public. And I’m talking directly to you PayPal and the SEC – and all those who are involved and responsible for what it is that you’ve done to me and my people.

Your people? Hah!

And forgive me for pointing out the obvious here, but as the instigator of Ponzi fraud, surely responsibility for Charles Scoville’s current situation begins with Charles Scoville?

Why is it scammers time and time again fall back and twist religion to justify their warped narratives?

Where was this religion when they were hatching their Ponzi plots?

[6:31] My Traffic Monsoon people. My members.

I have never wronged them, you have wronged them and blamed me.

So when that fear comes upon you, and when your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind, when distress and anguish cometh upon you, then shall they call upon me – but I will not answer.

Uh, what? So the SEC is going to launch its own Ponzi scheme… which will be shut down by another SEC… and you’re the guy they’re going to call in to deal with it?

Yeah, this is why you don’t copy and paste a bunch of proverbs, paste them into a Word document, sit down in front of a computer and try to ram them into an anti fraud regulation rant.

[6:59] They shall seek me at that time, but they shall not find me.

For they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the lord.

They would not turn to the counsel of the father above all things.

What on Earth does the “father’s counsel” have to do with scamming people through Ponzi fraud?!

Ditto “fear of the lord”. Fearing or not fearing the lord isn’t justification for scamming.

Jesus Christ Charlie, put down the crack-pipe already. This is pretty nutso, even by MLM underbelly standards.