A third robocall fraud lawsuit has been filed against Family First Life.

Plaintiff Don Campbell originally filed suit against Family First Life in September 2022.

Family First Life moved to “remove” the lawsuit from Travis County, Texas, where the suit was originally filed, to the Western District of Texas (basically transferring the case from state-level to federal).

Travis County court approved the motion, and a federal docket was created on February 17th.

Campbell’s lawsuit was filed against Family First Life’s parent company, Integrity Marketing Group.

Integrity Marketing Group claims to be “the nation’s largest independent distributor of life and health insurance products to the Senior Market”.

In October 2019, Integrity Marketing Group purchased Family First Life from Shawn Meaike. As part of the acquisition, Meaike was given an ownership stake in Integrity Marketing Group.

As per an Amended Complaint filed on March 8th, Campbell alleges he;

received both text messages and phone calls from Family First Life LLC that are in violation of the Telephone Consumers Protection Act’s “Do Not Call” registry.

I have recorded telephone calls from telemarketers using an ATDS and the Family First Life agent who paid them to call me. Also, I have screenshots for proof of text violations.

The contact between Campbell and Family First Life is alleged to have taken place last September.

Back in September 2022 I received three text messages from an employee of Family First Life LLC that were a violation of the FCC’s Telephone Consumer’s Protection Act and the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule.

One text might possibly be considered an error, but three texts over three different days are willful violations.

Campbell claims his personal cell phone number “has been listed with the National Do Not Call Registry since June 30, 2003.”

Defendant’s use of unsolicited text messages caused Plaintiff actual harm, including invasion of his privacy, aggravation, annoyance, intrusion on seclusion, trespass, and conversion.

Defendant’s text messages also inconvenienced Plaintiff and caused disruption to his daily life.

Campbell is seeking injunctive relief, $1500 per alleged violation ($4500 in total) and additional damages relating to privacy.

In late 2021 Family First Life was sued over similar robofraud allegations in Florida.

That lawsuit is still playing out, having been referred to mediation last May.

In August 2022 Family First Life was again sued for robocall fraud in Michigan. Family First Life has filed three motions to dismiss, on which a hearing has been scheduled for May 10th.

Yet another lawsuit, filed in June 2022, accuses Family First Life of selling dud leads. That proposed class-action is also still playing out.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to track all three Family First Life robocall fraud lawsuits.


Update 9th May 2023 – Campbell’s robocall fraud lawsuit was settled in April 2023.