cycler4money-logoCycler4Money promises to enable you to turn $20 into $1800 with little to no effort at all.

Unfortunately in order to do this you (or someone else) needs to recruit a whole bunch of people into the Cycler4Money opportunity  in order for this to happen.

Read on for a full review of the Cycler4Money MLM opportunity.

The Company

The Cycler4Money domain registration is set to private and no mention of who is running the company is mentioned on the website.

As always, if a MLM opportunity is not upfront about who is running things and owns a company, approach with caution.

The Cycler4Money Product Line

Like a lot of matrix based MLM opportunities of late, Cycler4Money doesn’t have a tangible product, instead they offer members advertising on an internal advertising network run by the company.

Upon joining the company Cycler4Money members are given 4 text and banner advertisement positions within the internal network.

The Cycler4Money Compensation Plan

The Cycler4Money compensation plan revolves around five 2×3 matrices each holding 14 members (15 including yourself).

With you at the top, the basic structure of a 2×3 matrix looks like this

A ‘cycle’ is what happens when your matrix is complete (each position is filled) and each time this happens you earn a commission from Cycler4Money.

You also earn a referral cycle commission each time someone you’ve personally sponsored cycles out of one of these matrices too.

Each of the five matrices within the Cycler4Money compensation plan has a name and each pays out different commissions, they are as follows;

  • Standard Board pays out an $80 cycle and $10 referral cycle commission
  • Advance Board pays out a $160 cycle and $30 referral cycle commission
  • Premium Board pays out a $500 cycle and $180 referral cycle commission
  • Elite Board pays out a $1800 cycle and $300 referral cycle commission
  • Super Board pays out a $16,000 cycle and $1800 referral cycle commission

Additionally, Cycler4Money members earn a $5.50 for each new member they refer to the system, paid out when the sponsored member cycles out of the Standard Board.

Joining Cycler4Money

Those wishing to join Cycler4Money must pay a $20 joining fee to start off in the Standard Board.

After your first month in the business, members are then hit with a $19 a month membership fee.


Cycler4Money has no retail product and being an internal advertising network, it’s pretty much useless for anything other than pushing similar opportunities like Cycler4Money.

As far as the compensation plan goes, members are only paid for the recruitment of others, with a minimum of 8 (the bottom of row of a 2×3 matrix) and maximum of 14 (a brand new 2×3 matrix) new members being required to advance a single existing member off of the Standard Board.

From here the new members required only increases,  over and over again until the Super Board is reached. The idea of course being that as you progress, the sheer amount of people required to advance you through every level (all the boards in Cycler4Money feed up from the bottom Standard Board) along with their monthly membership fees more than covers your commission payout.

Unfortunately with everyone paying just $20 month, as time goes on there’s simply going to be way too many people cycling their $16,000 Elite Boards repeatedly for Cycler4Money to be remotely sustainable in the long term.

Mathematically it just doesn’t add up!

The commissions paid out by Cycler4Money have nothing to do with any product and are solely paid out of the membership fees of existing members.

Additionally it appears the anonymous owner of Cycler4Money is also harvesting member’s email addresses;

Member is opting-in to receive other special offer emails from and its members.

If you do not wish to receive these emails, you may cancel your account at any time.

The above is taken from Cycler4Money’s Terms and Conditions and evidently if you don’t want to be spammed Cycler4Money is not the company for you.

No retail product, commissions paid out of membership fees and the entire opportunity reliant on new recruits feeding into the Standard Board at the bottom?

Yep, Cycler4Money is yet another pyramid scheme scam.