amega-global-logoWhat if I told you I had a way to heal you that didn’t involve taking any medication or supplements.

What if I told you I could increase your energy and wellbeing, energize any area of the body including body fluids, enhance your sleep, protect you from toxins in your food, energise the third party healthcare products you use and even energize the food and drink you consume.

All with a single product.

You’d think I was nuts right? (or at the very least be hugely suspicious)…

…welcome to the cornerstone product of Amega Global’s product line.

Amega Global bill themselves as a ‘total wellness and the Self-Care Evolution concept and as such retail products similar to what you see in those kooky hippy stalls at malls.

We’re talking magic energy infused wands, zero point resonance bracelets and a whole host of nutritional and purifying products… the kind of stuff people are already hugely skeptical about.

Do the Amega Global products actually work?

To try and establish some background here, I’m going to focus on Amega Global’s primary product – the ‘AMWand’.

The AMWand retails at $298 and contains ‘a special combination of granulated crystals, energized using our own proprietary technology; encapsulated within a stainless steel pen sized casing‘.

Amega Global claim that by waving this wand at people and living things, one can benefit from

increased energy and wellbeing, energize any area of the body, energize body fluids, energize and optimize food and water, enhanced sleep, protection from toxins in food, energize food and drink and energize personal care products.

Essentially we’re looking at crystals + burn them really hot + metallic pen = live forever.

Sound like a tall order to swallow without any tangible proof. Especially when Amega are also retailing a ‘Black Tip AMWand’ which claims to be ‘approximately 30% stronger‘ merely because ‘diamond Dust has been added into the formula‘.

So AMWand + diamond dust = instant 30% live forever improvement?

Again… a rather tall order to swallow, not withstanding the $51 price increase between the vanilla AMWand and the black tip version.

$51 for some added diamond dust…? Uh, ok then.

Let’s face it, it’s all very well to make this and that claim in your product description and in writing this review it is noted that the internet is full of Amega Global distributors claiming miracles with their wands… but at the end of the day you’re going to meet huge skepticism.

Whether you as a distributor believe Amega Global’s products work or not is irrelevant.

Now obviously critics of negative press regarding Amega Global’s products will no doubt be quick to utilise the ‘but you haven’t even tried it!‘ bandwagon.

This conveniently brings me to my next point;

The single biggest challenge in marketing Amega Global’s products

In this modern world, there are some business which are suited to the internet and some which aren’t.

Of those that aren’t, I believe that Amega Global are one of them.


Unless you find a complete sucker online who’s willing to accept the wild claims made by Amega Global at face value (or someone who’s on their last legs and is willing to try anything, in which case you’d better be damn sure your products work), you’re going to have to demonstrate Amega Global’s products to people.

And not just a few randoms either. Infact I’d say as an Amega Global associate you’re going to find yourself demoing their products to the vast majority of people you find a market in.

Thus the problem of the internet highlights itself as being a person in a physical location, you severely restrict your market to the local scene. Having do demo your product means that effectively, you cut yourself out of the global scene.

It is noted that some of Amega Global’s products are a lot less priced and are mere creams, lotions and what not, but with the overbearing claims surrounding the AMWand (of which Amega Global is most well known for), people are probably going to be skeptical about the whole product line.

For you as an Amega Global Associate, whether the products work or not, you need to realise that this limitation is the biggest challenge you’re going to face in marketing their products.

With such a difference in lifestyles, diet and environment between individuals today – a blanket solution is something people are going to want to see, feel and use for themselves – well at least before they fork out hundreds of dollars on a wand, amulet or bracelet purchase.


Coupled with a compensation plan that revolves around rank advancement which unfortunately are dependent on recruitment numbers, the Amega Global business opportunity starts to look pretty unattractive when you consider the localised limitations that come with the business.

Anyone who believes they can retail Amega Global without running into skepticism every step of the way is dreaming (unless they perhaps exclusively market in terminal disease hospital wards).

Proving skeptics wrong is probably going to take up the bulk of your time, will incur costly travel expenses and as I’ve mentioned severely limit those you can market to geographically.

If on the other hand you’re fine with all of this and comfortable that primarily you’re going to be spending your time convincing people that Amega Global’s products actually work – then Amega Global might just be the opportunity for you.

Personally, I’d have a hard time selling roasted crystals in a metal wand as a total health solution with any sembelance of a ¬†straight face.