telexfree-logoScott Miller was a top investor in the TelexFree Ponzi scheme.

For his part in scamming TelexFree victims out of $3 billion dollars, a preliminary injunction was granted against Miller on February 14th, 2016.

The injunction is part of a civil class-action against several top TelexFree investors. The injunction freezes any ‘assets, including, without limitation, any money, stocks, bonds, jewelry, vehicles other personal property and real property‘ owned by Miller.

You would think such an injunction would cripple Miller’s business activities. As per an email Miller sent out on May 5th however, apparently it’s still business as usual.

From the title “You Can Get Started For NOTHING Out of Pocket?!”, you can probably guess Miller’s email is a continuation of his MLM underbelly career.

In an effort to cover up his laying low as Ponzi fraud litigation was commenced against him, Miller explains;

Where have I been, you might ask?

Underground, basically printing money. Not for me, but for my team (people like YOU!) Read on… 🙂

He then launches into a pitch for an opportunity Miller claims participants can make “unlimited daily income” through:

A few months ago I sent out an activity that allows you (with the unheard-of  assistance of 2 dedicated partners who help close your sales!) to make an UNLIMITED daily income.

This gives you the confidence of working with seasoned closers who help facilitate your paychecks (many of you are getting MULTIPLE checks a day!).

The name of Miller’s “unlimited daily income” scheme is not disclosed in the email.

The other significant factor has been the “Done For You” marketing. With zero guesswork or confusing learning curve, you can literally plug in, and make your first check in 24-48 hours. (So many have).

I got such a positive response to that email a few months back, that I’ve been simply helping team members close sales!

Getting on 3 ways or whatever’s needed. I haven’t even really needed to send anything out again because we’ve been so busy assisting teammates to THEIR first checks. (3 of us get paid at once, it is pivotal that I help those who join)

From the sounds of it though, Miller’s new scheme has nothing to do with selling a product or service to retail customers. Instead it appears you pay some sort of fee and get paid when you recruit others who do the same.

Recruitment must have died off recently, hence Miller’s new email blast.

So why this email now??

I’m sending this because there have been a few people who were dying to get started but didn’t have the capital.

There is now a way to FINANCE your way into the biz, with no money out of pocket. Allowing you to leverage borrowed funds to do so!

To review:

– $250, $500, & $750 checks mailed directly to your door (several per day very possible and easy to achieve)

– 2 partners to help you close sales

– Done For You marketing (nothing to figure out)

And now….. FINANCING?!!?

Contact me for the details. I’m not recruiting like a maniac in this. I’m working on a smaller scale, to help each person be successful. Because when you are, I am!

Review the site again, listen to the 3 minute recording,  602.800.6766 and CONTACT ME for financing details…

In 9 years of working from home this is the easiest I’ve ever seen new people start making HUNDREDS daily!

Scott Miller

A visit to “” reveals a marketing video that asks;

Can you mail a simple letter? Then you can success with this incredible business opportunity.

The opportunity Miller is promoting is Synergy Wealth System.

Postcard marketing is used to promote the scheme (mail fraud), which sees Synergy Wealth System affiliates gift eachother between $200 and $3000.

Synergy Wealth System affiliates are also paid directly when they recruit five or ten affiliates into the scheme.

At least one BehindMLM reader has claimed that Scott Miller himself is behind the scheme.

Of particular note is Miller’s reference to “3 of us get paid at once”. This suggests Miller is moving money about within Synergy Wealth System, which would be in direct violation of the preliminary injunction currently in place against him.

Even for Miller, encouraging people to take out a financed loan to participate in a cash gifting scheme, has got to be a new low.

What happens when some poor schmuck, who can’t afford it, borrows $3000 from Miller’s loanshark friends – only to find Synergy Wealth System has stalled because recruitment has collapsed?

Do people have no shame anymore?