telexfree-logoAs per the court-issued schedule, here is the list of fourteen motions, applications and objections to be heard today in the TelexFree bankruptcy case.


1. Motion to change venue of bankruptcy proceedings from Nevada to Massachusetts (SEC)

2. Issue of abstention (as per Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Rules)

3. Motion requesting a Chapter 11 Trustee be appointed (DoJ)

4. to 6. Various motions, requests and applications under the Continuation of Chapter 11 First Day Motions (TelexFree)

7. Emergency application to use bank accounts and company checks, ignore certain “investment and deposit guidelines” and granting of “administrative expense status (TelexFree)

8. Motion to extend deadline to file required schedules (TelexFree)

9. Motion that certain parts of the Massachusetts TRO violate the automatic stay evoked by TelexFree’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy application (TelexFree)

10. Motion for consolidation of TelexFree Financial, TelexFree Inc. and TelexFree LLC bankruptcy cases into one joint administration (TelexFree)

11. and 12. Final Hearings of Chapter 11 bankruptcy application, including permission to pay pre-petition income, franchise and similar taxes and regulatory fees, request that banks and financial institutions honor and process company checks and limit required notice period (TelexFree)

13. Emergency application to employ Kurtzman and Carson Consultants (KCC) as Claims and Noticing agents for TelexFree (TelexFree)

14. Final Hearing on First Day Motions issue of wages (to staff?) (TelexFree)


Note that I’m not sure if the order listed is the order in which the motions will be heard. If so, it appears that the most pressing issues have been listed first. The granting of listing 1 to 3 would automatically negate anything that comes after it.

By my time, there’s just over an hour left before the hearing kicks off in Nevada (9:30am PDT local time).