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SC exposes lies of Speak Asia’s covert management

Seemingly out of the blue, last friday writ 383 which had been heard in the Supreme Court of India for just under a year was withdrawn, leaving the case disposed of by the court. Speak Asia’s supporters scrambled to make the best of the news, assuring everyone that “nothing negative” had been said about the [Continue reading…]

EOW Mumbai resume Speak Asia criminal case

With various courts being on holidays and what not it’s been pretty quiet on the ongoing legal battles surrounding Speak Asia. As it stands now the Supreme Court had set a date of August 8th to settle the issue of payment to the 115 petitioners of writ 383 the defamation case against Multiscreen Media is [Continue reading…]

SC: Writ 383 wont affect Speak Asia investigations

Ever since the Solomon James writ 383 petition was filed late last year, Speak Asia, AISPA and senior panelists have harped on and on about how this one case was supposed to decide everything. “Don’t worry about anything else, just follow the Supreme Court and they’ll sort everything out” was pretty much the line towed [Continue reading…]

Speak Asia deferring questions to Ashok Bahirwani?

With most of the important court cases Speak Asia are involved in delayed until June or July and seemingly little development overall in the month of April, there hasn’t been all that much on Speak Asia to discuss. Whilst some senior panelists continue to run around telling everyone to be patient, “trust the company” and [Continue reading…]

How Navniit Kkhosla recovered money from Speak Asia

Yesterday saw the latest hearing of the Solomon James writ 383 petition and whilst the order hasn’t been made public, the general consensus appears to be that the proceedings are now at the mercy of the criminal investigations being conducted by various government agencies. Noticeably absent from the discussion has been any mention of exit [Continue reading…]

Why aren’t MLM companies compliant BEFORE launch?

Two of the big buzzwords currently being tossed around the MLM industry are ‘compaliance‘ and ‘being compliant’. Or in other words, attempting to ensure that a company is legal and won’t be shut down for being a thinly veiled Ponzi or pyramid scheme. Typically compliance issues are related to US-based MLM businesses (or offshore businesses [Continue reading…]

EOW confirm Speak Asia criminal case charging on

Given that the Solomon James writ 383 case lodged in the Supreme Court is a civil case revolving around the recovery of money from Speak Asia, I myself have maintained that there is little chance it will have any bearing on the criminal investigations into the company. I wrote the above a few days ago [Continue reading…]

EOW move to freeze Speak Asia Supreme Court case

For as long as I can remember now senior panelists in Speak Asia have been steadfastly pointing to the Solomon James writ 383 and insisting it will decide the fate of Speak Asia on all fronts. Given that the Solomon James writ 383 case lodged in the Supreme Court is a civil case revolving around [Continue reading…]

Speak Asia claim 94,334 panelists want OUT. Source?

Whilst Speak Asia, 115 panelists and former Justice RC Lahoti discuss in secret how best to carve up the 50 crore Speak Asia has deposited amongst the 115 signed writ 383 petitioners, whoever runs Speak Asia Online Marketing has in the meantime put out a press release regarding its exit option. Launched last year in [Continue reading…]

EOW reveal Seven Rings and Speak Asia 40/60 deal

Having lost their money and closely following the court action Speak Asia has been involved with in India, it’s easy for the company’s panelists to get caught up in a localised bubble. Observers of the Speak Asia scam have known for a while now though that Speak Asia was merely one piece of a larger [Continue reading…]