speak-asia-online-logoSpeak Asia’s COO, Tarak Bajpai was put in the awkward position of having to be the public face of Speak Asia after he was arrested back in late July.

With Speak Asia’s Gobal CEO, Harendar Kaur and its Indian CEO, Manoj Kumar both hiding overseas from Indian authorities, Bajpai at first played the hero role (who could forget the solid reasoning of ‘we are bound to win and we’ll definitely win’), but soon himself hid from the authorities in a hospital.

Heralded as the saviour of Speak Asia, it seemed strange that Bajpai all of a sudden needed medical treatment and subsequent hospital care.

Had Bajpai not have been arrested, how then with the hospital care he allegedly needed was he to lead Speak Asia to victory as its members envisioned?

For months now Bajpai had remained in Jupiter Hospital in Mumbai under doctor’s orders. Still wanted for questioning, it appears Speak Asia’s lawyers had decided feigning medical emergency and then using it to avoid questions was the best course of action to keep Bajpai out of reach of the Indian authorities.

Likewise they pulled a similar stunt after website operator Rajiv Mehrotra was arrested too.

For now, it seems anyone with valuable information that might help either the EOW or CID with their criminal investigations is either shipped off to Dubai, or claims they have some sort of medical emergency that needs to be attended to, whilst subsequently hiding out from the authorities in hospital recovery rooms.

Unfortunately for Speak Asia, all procedures have a recovery time and for Tarak Bajpai, his was up.

After being discharged, Bajpai (photo right) was subsequently denied anticipatory bail and faced with the real prospect of being taken into either the EOW or CID’s custody to assist them with their criminal investigations into Speak Asia, Bajpai has now gone into hiding.

For a company that claims it has nothing to hide, with their CEOs hiding overseas and COO now on the run in India, the reality sure speaks otherwise.

What does Bajpai know about Speak Asia that is so vital to the criminal investigations against the company that he’s decided to go into hiding?

No doubt weary of publicizing anything negative against the company, we won’t hear anything official from Speak Asia regarding Bajpai’s disappearance. Speak Asia’s next court appearance is November 8th when they go head to head with the RBI, EOW and CID.

To date, the CID and EOW have accussed Speak Asia of having no corporate clients for their surveys and created over 800 fraudulent accounts to kickstart the pyramid scheme.

Since then, Speak Asia has also lied to the Supreme Court about its business model, submitting a written and verbal explanation of a business model the company never used.

Aside from calling Speak Asia out on their lies about their business model, one can only hope the RBI and EOW make full use of Bajpai’s disappearance to their legal advantage.

Evidently, Bajpai doesn’t believe enough in Speak Asia or its legitimacy to face the authorities for questioning.

The simple fact of the matter is that a company that had not committed any crimes wouldn’t run. Speak Asia’s two CEO’s are in hiding overseas and now its COO is pre-emptively now on the run in India.

You do the math on that one folks…