Rolvi Trading has received a securities and pyramid fraud warning from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority.

As per the FMA’s June 12th warning;

Rolvi Trade – unregistered, potential pyramid scheme

We are aware that Rolvi Trade is offering cryptocurrency products and services via its website

It is not registered on the Financial Service Providers Register or regulated to provide these services and products to New Zealand retail clients, as required by the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008 and the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

We recommend caution when dealing with Rolvi Trade and its website.

The FMA notes that “New Zealanders have reported trouble withdrawing funds.”

Rolvi Trading is a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme that pitches up to 2.85% a day.

Rolvi Trading originally operated from the domain “”. Last month, in what was likely an attempt to dodge financial regulators, Rolvi Trading switched to “”.

Rolvi Trading was originally fronted by Boris CEO “Richard F. Asperger”.

Asperger was played by Californian based actor Wesley Johnson.

Rolvi Trading replaced its original Boris CEO with a new cast of actors some time back:

Rolvi Trading’s “Founder and Director Joel Kristaps”, for example, is played by Californian actor Mike Silva.

Rolvi Trading regularly pushes live Zoom meetings on its FaceBook page:

The webinars are hosted by “Customer Relationship Manager George Ostan”.

“George Ostan” doesn’t exist. He’s a fictional executive played by US voice actor Daniel Britt.

In a March 2022 Rolvi Trading webinar, Britt played a recording of Dillon Kivo endorsing Rolvi Trading to his one million Instagram followers.

Hello everybody, it is Dillon Kivo here.

I am truly honored and I have the pleasure to address you all, that the Rolvi family will be expanding their business boundaries to South Africa.

I repeat, Rolvi is now registered and incorporated in South Africa guys. This is fricken amazing.

Let me tell you about the Rolvi cutting-edge trading platform.

Rolvi combines AI intelligence and machine learning to trade in natural gas, precious metals, cryptocurrency.

I genuinely believe that, y’know trading is typically only for those who are extremely knowledgeable. Right?

But Rovi Trading offers their expertise and it creates a user-friendly environment – where really anybody can engage and flourish.

I’m really ecstatic to see this company growing beyond borders, extending across seas and assisting others with obtaining economic liberty.

I truly wish you guys nothing but success, y’know moving forward. And you guys are truly an amazing business.

Keep on pushing on team.

On social media Kivo pitches himself as a “public relations expert”

Neither Rolvi Trading, Wesley Johnson, Mike Silva, Daniel Britt or Dillon Kivo are registered with the SEC.

In Britt’s Rolvi Trading webinars, Dillon Kivo also failed to disclose he was paid by Rolvi Trading to endorse the Ponzi scheme. This is a potential violation of both the FTC and Securities and Exchange Act.

Although it uses US actors and influencers to promote itself, Rolvi Trading’s official FaceBook page is managed from India:

It’s unclear whether Rolvi Trading is operated from India or if it’s just outsourced its social media.

With respect to Rolvi Trading promotion in New Zealand, back in March the Ponzi scheme marked Glean Livingstone’s $50,000 investment.

On June 15th Livingstone celebrated recruitment of Norwegian Rolvi Trading investors:

Although it was abandoned last month, SimilarWeb still tracked over 500,000 visits to Rolvia Trade’s original domain in May 2023.

The majority of Rolvi Trading’s website traffic originates out of Poland (50%), South Africa (35%), the US (11%) and India (4%).


Update 21st July 2023 – Rolvi Trading has collapsed.