Scammers behind the collapsed Rolvi Trading Ponzi scheme have rebooted as US-Atrade.

US-Atrade operates from the domain “”, privately registered on July 7th, 2023.

Rolvi Trading was a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme launched in mid 2022. After the initial scam collapsed, Rolvi Trading rebooted with a new cast of actors playing executives in mid 2023.

Rolvi Trading pretending to be based out of New Zealand eventually caught the attention local authorities. The Financial Markets Authority issued a Rolvi Trading fraud warning in June 2023.

Rolvi Trading pulled the plug and collapsed a month later in July.

For US-Atrade fictional Rolvi Trading CEO “Joel Kristaps” has been resurrected:

Kristaps, who is unlikely to have recorded any new material for US-Atrade, is/was played by US actor Mike Silva.

There’s no direct reference to Rolvi Trading on US-Atrade’s website, but a spelling mistake from Rolvi Trading’s website appears to have carried over:

This time around US-Atrade is pretending to be based out of Texas. To that end a hilariously fake “Presidential seal” certificate is offered up:

As to the business model, Rolvi Trade pitched 2.85% a day. US-Atrade is pitching up to 60% over 96 hours.

Notably the MLM side of the scam is gone (hence no formal review), with US-Atrade only offering a 2% referral commission on personally recruited affiliates.

Boris CEO Ponzi schemes are typically run by Russian scammers. To that end the Central Bank of Russia issued a US-Atrade pyramid fraud warning on June 14th.