Whilst the Rippln hype-train rolls on at full steam ahead (the company just announced it had clocked up 500,000 signed affiliates this last weekend), the dilemma of none of the company’s affiliates knowing what it is exactly that they’ve signed up for.

Apart from a Rippln branded mobile app that the company claims is ‘set to make waves around the world‘, since retracting their previously released compensation plan material, the company has thus far failed to inform those signing up of the finer points of Rippln. Namely the compensation plan the company will be using and how affiliates will earn money.

Meanwhile a few days ago Rippln announced an upcoming “Rippln Huddle”, to be held on May 16th.

When Rippln initially announced the huddle, affiliates were simply told that it was an “official event” that would have several corporate staff of Rippln’s in attendance, along with some top-affiliates.

No further information was provided, leaving many (myself included), left scratching our heads as to what the contents of the huddle would be.

Possibly picking up on this, Rippln put out a followup announcement today and provided a little more detail on what will be covered at the huddle:

-Hear a state of play for Rippln

-Get a glimpse into what’s ahead in the upcoming weeks through the rollout

-Learn more about the Rewards System for Players

-Have FUN socializing with fellow RIPPLE MAKERS!

That third point in particular is of importance, as for the hundreds of thousands of affiliates who have signed up to the company, it’s the first glimpse they’ll get of the revised compensation plan.

While it’s great to see Rippln finally provide affiliates with some compensation plan and commission information, there is a catch.

The Rippln Huddle costs $9.50 to attend and is being held in Las Vegas. The ticket price might sound cheap but when you factor in travel and accommodation expenses, costs could quickly balloon out.

Whether or not affiliates who do stump up and attend will be able to share the information provided, and how long after the huddle Rippln choose to share the information with the rest of their affiliate-base is not specified.

As it stands now for Rippln’s affiliates, if you don’t pay $9.50 and get down to Las Vegas, you don’t find out how Rippln are going to pay you.

Shortly after the Rippln Huddle is the No Excuses 4 Summit, which Rippln are sponsoring. A bit more pricey at $497 a pop, Rippln have announced “exclusive training sessions” will take place, but not whether they will exclusively further reveal aspects of their compensation plan and business model at the event.

I’ll re-iterate at this point that no MLM company that is taking affiliate signups (free or otherwise) should withhold vital information from its affiliates such as the compensation and business model.

This is crucial information required by prospective affiliates, without which they are rendered completely unable to make an informed decision as to whether or not to join the opportunity.

Charging your affiliates $9.50 to learn about the Rippln compensation plan?

Not good enough guys.

In other Rippln news, the company also recently made an announcement congratulating

Michael Rutherford for being the first person to get 100,000 in their ripple!

At the time of publication the Rippln website advises the company has signed on a total of over 516,000 affiliates. This would mean that Rutherford has approximately 1/5th of the company’s affiliate-base in his downline.

If Rippln were to press ahead with the pass-up compensation plan they’ve now retracted or a variation of it, this would of course result in a mountain of affiliate-fees being passed up to Rutherford when Rippln launches.

So who is Michael Rutherford?

Before Rippln, CEO Brian Underwood launched the MLM company iZigg back in 2010.

Covering the launch of iZigg, Ty Tribble wrote on his MLM Blog:

Zigg is a new MLM company that promises wealth based on text message advertising.

Let’s state the obvious: Texting is a big trend.

Now let’s state the not-so-obvious: The cast of characters behind iZigg are the same bunch who were closely involved with Burnlounge, where the FTC filed a lawsuit and shut them down.

Then they went on to another company called LocalAdLink, another alleged scam that had people paying a bunch of money to get listed on Google.

This is a classic “lots of hype” money game that will not last.

Tribble goes on to compare iZigg to several high-profile pyramid and Ponzi schemes busted by US authorities in recent years.

Nestled in the comments of the article, reader “jason” shares his personal experience with iZigg:

To begin my business with iZigg I invested $2600 and have spent surely hundreds of hours training people in my organization of 58 people.

iZigg has NO training program available to help me unless I’m recruiting – and SADLY that only entails a 3 way sales call or my prospect showing up at a meeting where the ‘top earner’ tells them, “you can text my name to 90210 and I’m available to help you any time, we’re going into business together and we’re a team”.

Currently my organization has sold nearly $100,000 and all I’ve earned is $1600.

I continue to listen to calls where, inevitably, I hear ‘top earners’ like Dr Scott Elliot, Michael Rutherford, etc.. claim “our company pays back .70 cents out of every dollar to agents!!”

So as it turns out, Michael Rutherford is one of Brian Underwood’s “top-earning” buddies from back in the iZigg days…

While Rippln run around the internet telling everyone about their “brand new app that will change the way people communicate”, it’s nice to see that in some MLM companies, certain things don’t change.

Namely placing your close buddies at the top of a compensation, releasing it to the public and launching a glossy marketing campaign, solely designed to encourage affiliates to mass-recruit on as little provided information as possible.

I’ll leave you for now with the following message, recently published on Rippln’s Facebook page:

Stop asking how much it will cost you start building your team, that is all that matters now.

Ripple on folks…


Update 14th May 2013 – Co-incidence or not I have no idea but within an hour of this article going live, Rippln announced a “HQ Live Call” to take place on Tuesday May the 14th.

It certainly looks like it was somewhat hastily put together as Rippln’s Facebook announcement contains no less than three conflicting dates and times:


Rippln state that on the call they will be discussing the “Rippln State of Play” and providing those who call in “more on the Rippln business model”.

They could of course just provide this information on their website and in a single stroke inform all their affiliates of what’s happening, but then that kind of goes against the whole uninformative recruitment campaign they’ve got going on at the moment.