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MyStand Beta: Jonathan Budd’s Rippln spinoff?

Details on Jonathan Budd’s recently beta-launched MyStand at this stage are sketchy. A YouTube video titled “MyStand is live! Join the Beta & Change the World” was uploaded on March 19th, during which Budd proclaims MyStand to have been three and a half years in the making. Whilst that begs the question of whether or [Continue reading…]

Insider21 passed on Rippln due to Ripple lawsuit

Last week, purely by co-incidence, I stumbled across an invitation in which it was claimed holdings company Insider21 had “acquired” Rippln. Shortly after publishing an article on the story I was contacted by Stanley Abbott, Insider21’s VP of Strategic Alliances. In his email, Abbott wrote

Rippln sold off to Insider21 investment group?

I was recently asked by a BehindMLM reader to take a look at “Insider21”, an opportunity they were just introduced to by a friend. Already in the process of going through the emails I’d flagged during the week for reply, I flicked over to the browser tab I had open for looking up new company [Continue reading…]

Rippln to resurrect initial recruitment model?

A phoenix is a mythical bird that, upon dying, resurrects itself from the ashes of its former self. Rippln went down in flames last year, following the revelation that the company had failed to secure new investment and was being sued for trademark infringement by Ripple Labs. More thermo-nuclear apocalypse than phoenix, nonetheless and despite months [Continue reading…]

Rippln is sunk: How NOT to close an MLM company

Just under a fortnight ago Jonathan Budd conceded that Rippln was all but finished. The gist of it? If Rippln failed to secure another round of investor funding, the company wouldn’t be able to continue operating. Now, sometime in the last twenty-four hours, fellow Rippln co-founder Jim Bunch has confirmed that this latest round of [Continue reading…]

Rutherford: Rippln dead in the water

We initially raised our suspicions in December after observing weeks of abnormal silence from the company. Abnormal because, up until that point, it was all anyone could do to escape the roar of the Rippln hype-machine. Never mind the fact that there was never any real clear business model, commissions were in the pennies and [Continue reading…]

Rippln sued for trademark infringement

When we last checked in on Rippln, we noted that the company had gone suspiciously quiet for a few weeks. I say suspiciously because prior to the silence it was a task in itself to sift through Rippln’s hype machine and keep track of the company. Firing back through Troy Dooly (who “works for some [Continue reading…]

Has Rippln done a runner?

For a company that has incessantly tooted its own horn since announcing itself to the world back in April, things have gotten awfully quiet over at Rippln. The last Rippln Facebook post was made on the 21st of November, just shy of two weeks ago. The last official Rippln blog post was made on November [Continue reading…]

Rippln CEO apologizes for “failed expectations”

In the next 30 days, a new social network is going to be released to the world. You will hear about it on your favorite blogs and on TV.. The news will cover it… And not only will your friends and family members be talking about it, but complete strangers will also approach you about it… Because [Continue reading…]

Facebook bans Rippln “blitz” recruitment links

Echoing the Facebook ban of Empower Network links when users of the social network got fed up of the spam and started complaining, now it appears Rippln are being subjected to the same fate. Earlier this week Rippln affiliates began to complain that their “Rippln Blitz” links were being blocked by Facebook. Other than jealousy [Continue reading…]