For a company that has incessantly tooted its own horn since announcing itself to the world back in April, things have gotten awfully quiet over at Rippln.

The last Rippln Facebook post was made on the 21st of November, just shy of two weeks ago.

The last official Rippln blog post was made on November 13th, three weeks ago.

And the last Rippln YouTube video was uploaded on November 5th, four weeks ago.

Like I said, this is a company that has run on a platform of over-exposure, so the switch over to silence now certainly has us confused.

I don’t profess the following is written with any degree of forensic accuracy, however my basic understanding of Rippln’s progress as an MLM company thus far is follows:

  • announce an obvious recruitment-driven pyramid scheme business model
  • retract model and tell people they can earn by sharing apps, make big promises about the Rippln Communicator app
  • do nothing but miss deadline after deadline for months
  • obtain a consignment of bluetooth watches and offer a commission on the sale of said watches
  • launch one or two apps on the iOS platform only, promise Android but never deliver
  • rehash a personal development course one of your executive staff authored and charge $500 or so for it
  • partner up with a third-party company and offer commissions on the download of a handful of apps, charge affiliates hundreds of dollars to participate
  • drown in a sea of complaints when most of your affiliate base realise said third-party company offers no apps in their region

And that brings us to today. There’s still no Rippln Communicator app, despite CEO Brian Underwood announcing it was ‘slated for submission to Apple on October 15th‘, and most of Rippln affiliates are stuck paying monthly fees with nothing to show for it.

Naturally Rippln’s silence hasn’t gone unnoticed by their affiliates, with many taking to Facebook to express confusion and frustration at the company:

10 days and no updates?? What’s the deal ppl?? Anyone out there lol??

We wait news, updates and communicator, why is nothing happend?

Where´s Rutherford, Stacey, Nino, Mike Beal, Vanessa, Larry Lane (well, at least He told us where he went running off to) and the rest? Even the RippleMania group has tumbleweeds rolling around…

Perhaps the most damning insight from a Rippln affiliate yet comes from Derek Gardner, published just 5 hours ago:

I officially quit Rippln with a Ripple of 39,718 people in 230 countries. I actually checked out a while back, but, removing my credit card made it official. It’s crystal clear all the so called “leaders” quit a long time ago, you know who they are…

Now the actual company has gone into hiding and didn’t even make a post wishing the folks in the USA happy holidays, pathetic.

My commission check wouldn’t even cover my monthly fee, and what were we paying for again? App Share cost money and isn’t included in the membership, so just curious…I own an Android and never even had the opportunity to download that stupid photoguessaripoff app, no communicator, nothing really…

We got $300 watches to buy, $300 personal development courses, and $500 game of life offers, huh? Really? It’s beyond a joke and I’m ashamed I bought the lies…Shame on you, Rippln! Expect many reviews!

I know you haven’t posted in 2 weeks, but I’m sure this post will be removed in no time…Stop misleading and hurting people! Peace out losers…

Rippln’s darling affiliate Michael Rutherford still has Rippln marketing plastered all over his Facebook profile,


however no mention of the company has been made in past weeks. Rutherford’s latest update (made 3 hours ago) details his surprise at finding Marshmellow Fluff for sale at Cost Plus World Market.

Somewhat ironically, 53 days ago Rippln’s Jonathan Budd appeared on Youtube professing that ‘the next sixty days are going to be big’. Additionally, the video description caption reads:

The next 30 days will be an exciting & powerful time in Rippln. Hear about the release of our very first hard good product (that’s super cool), the launch of Guessaroo Android, the Rippln Communication app, plus so much more!

In the video, Budd refers to what Rippln announce is their “deliverance”:


The purpose of the next sixty days is a sort of term we’ve called “deliverance”. And we’ve been working our buts off, everybody on the Rippln team, all the co-founders, all the engineers, all the operational staff, the support team and everybody around the world that works with us has been going crazy for this next 60 day period called deliverance.

Because over the next 60 days what we’re going to do, and what we’ve already started to do, is validate the business model, the vision that we casted six months ago when we launched Rippln in April 12th 2013 in Dallas, Texas.

(Budd refers to a list of things to be completed in front of him on a table)

As we complete these updates right here, as we actually deliver what’s on this page, um, we will have done some phenomenal things. And we will have really, approved and validated a model, um, that’s never been done before.

Putting aside the already broken 30 day promise, 60 days puts us at next Wednesday the 11th. Will Rippln “deliver” over the next week or is this the end of the line?

Stay tuned…