Restart Your Life market dietary supplements and are based out of South Carolina in the US.

Launched in Mid-2011, Restart Your Life was founded by Joyce Cordell and A.J. Lanigan, who serve as CEO and the company’s “Product Manufacturer” respectively.


Referring to MLM as something she was “exposed” to, Cordell (photo right) entered the MLM industry back in 1993.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to find any additional background information on Cordell, with her Restart Your Life executive bio only stating that she ‘earned the top position with a world-wide telecommunications company‘.

Somewhere along the way Cordell was diagnosed with breast cancer and as a result met A.J. Langian.

Going through this health challenge heightened her awareness of her body and the importance of the immune system.

She (Cordell) became aware of Beta Glucan through A.J. Lanigan.

As she began taking the product her knowledge and belief in it solidified and she felt strongly that launching it through the network marketing model could bring life changing benefits to the masses.

A partnership between Cordell and Laniganis how Restart Your Life came about in 2011.

Restart Your Life first popped up on my radar when I was doing research into a newly announced MLM company, “Level 9 App“. The Level 9 App website lists “Restart Your Life” as the domain registrant, indicating that the company owns it.

Rather than launch as a product however, it appears as if Level 9 App is launching as a separate company. The exact nature of the relationship between the two companies is currently not clear.

Read on for a full review of the Restart Your Life MLM business opportunity.

The Restart Your Life Product Line

Described as being “alone at the top of the heap”, Restart Your Life market a series of products that revolve around “Beta Glucan”.

Beta glucan enhances the immune system by improving the immune response when the immune system is confronted with a foreign body it sees as non-self (i.e. viruses, bacteria, fungi, cancer, parasites, etc.).

When absorbed and converted, Beta 1, 3-D Glucan attaches to specific sites on all immune cells that have CR3 receptors.

By attaching, or binding, to these specific sites, beta glucan puts these immune cells on ‘high alert’ to foreign bodies they see as non-self. This process is called immune modulation.

Research shows our Beta 1, 3-D Glucan is a highly effective immune modulator.

Wikipedia state that Beta Glucan

occur most commonly as cellulose in plants, the bran of cereal grains, the cell wall of baker’s yeast, certain fungi, mushrooms and bacteria.

Restart Your Life appear to use the “baker’s yeast” variety of Beta Glucan and claim that ‘beta glucans purified from baker’s yeast enhances the immune system better than any other type of beta glucan‘.


RVB-300 is Restart Your Life’s “flagship” product and comes in a 60 capsule bottle. RVB-300 contains ‘100 mg of Beta 1, 3-D Glucan, 100 mg of Resveratrol and 50 mg of Vitamin C‘.


RYL BETA500 is a “stand-alone beta glucan product” that is also capsule based. RYL BETA500 contains ‘500 mg of Beta 1, 3-D Glucan’ with Restart Your Life recommending

RYL BETA500 is to be used along with the RVB300 for those who want or need a higher level of immune support.

Trinity Lotion

Trinity Lotion is a skin product that contains a ‘Beta 1, 3-D Glucan, MSM and Aloe Vera‘.

Restart Your Life claim that Trinity Lotion

is designed to keep skin healthy, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a great first aid for burns, insect bites, bee stings and minor cuts.

Heartfelt Chocolate

Heartfelt Chocolate is

a sugarless dark chocolate which is sweetened by Xylitol, and is diabetic friendly. There are no additives, dairy, waxes or nuts. Also it is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free and Kosher.

Our Heartfelt Chocolate contains a proprietary, patented blend that includes Cinnulin PF, “The Real Cinnamon Extract”.

The Restart Your Life Compensation Plan

The Restart Your Life compensation plan offers affiliates a mix of retail and recruitment commissions, with residual income derived from a 3×9 matrix.

Restart Your Life Membership Ranks

Within the Restart Your Life compensation plan there are nine membership ranks. Along with their qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • Bronze – recruit 1 affiliate
  • Silver – recruit 2 affiliates
  • Gold – recruit 3 affiliates
  • Diamond – recruit 8 affiliates
  • Double Diamond – recruit 16 affiliates
  • Triple Diamond – recruit 24 affiliates
  • Blue Diamond – have 3 personally recruited Triple Diamonds in your downline
  • Black Diamond – have 3 personally recruited Blue Diamonds in your downline
  • Crown Diamond – have 3 personally recruited Black Diamond or 9 personally recruited Blue Diamonds in your downline

Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are paid out on all orders made by retail and preferred customers.

Restart Your Life pay out a ‘$25.00 per order commission for each Customer (an affiliate has) who makes a purchase for the month’.

No minimum order purchase amount is specified.

Recruitment Commissions

Referred to as “Next Day Training Pay”, Restart Your Life pay affiliates a $20 commission upon the recruitment of a new qualified affiliate.

Restart Your Life define a qualified affiliate as one who has

qualified to earn commissions their very first day of enrollment into the company’s matrix by making an initial purchase.

This “initial purchases” is called a “Join Package”, which ranges in cost from $69.95 to $399.

First Order Bonus

When a newly recruited affiliate places their first Join Package order with the company, it pays out a “First Order Bonus” to the recruiting affiliate.

The First Order Bonus is paid out at $25 to $200, depending on which Join Package a newly recruited affiliate purchases.

Executive PAK Bonus

The “Executive PAK” is the top-tier Restart Your Life Join Package and comes in at $399.

When a new affiliate joins and purchases an Executive PAK or an existing affiliate buys one, commissions are paid out to the affiliate’s upline.

$100 is paid out to the recruiting affiliate, $100 is paid out to the first National Marketing Director ranked affiliate found in the purchasing affiliate’s upline.

A third commission is paid out to the first Diamond Marketing Director or higher ranked affiliate.

This third commission is paid out depending on the ranked level of the qualifying affiliate:

  • Diamond Marketing Director – $25
  • Double Diamond Marketing Director – $50
  • Triple Diamond Marketing Director – $75
  • Blue Diamond Marketing Director – $90
  • Black Diamond Marketing Director – $100
  • Crown Diamond Marketing Director – $105

Note that if the recruiting affiliate is not a Crown Diamond Marketing Director, then the third commission is paid out incrementally until the entire $105 has been paid along the upline genealogy.

Residual Commissions

Restart Your Life pay out residual commissions using a 3×9 matrix compensation structure.

A 3×9 matrix structure places an affiliate at the top of the structure with three legs branching out from under them (level 1).


In turn, these level 1 positions each branch out into three additional legs (level 2) and so on and so forth down 9 levels for a total of 29,523 positions.

These positions can be filled either via direct recruitment (of either customers or affiliates) or the recruiting efforts of an affiliates up and downlines.

For each “bottle of product” ordered by a recruited affiliate, Restart Your Life Pay out a $1 commission. 25 cents is offered on each bottle of product a customer buys.

Matching Bonus

For Diamond or higher ranked affiliates, a Matching Bonus is offered on the matrix earnings of all personally recruited affiliates.

The Matching Bonus is paid out down to a maximum 6 levels of recruitment:

  • Diamond – 50% on level 1
  • Double Diamond – 50% on level 1 and 10% on level 2
  • Triple Diamond – 50% on level 1, 10% on level 2 and 5% on level 3
  • Blue Diamond – 50% on level 1, 10% on level 2, 5% on level 3 and 3% on level 4
  • Black Diamond – 50% on level 1, 10% on level 2, 5% on level 3, 3% on level 4 and 2% on level 5
  • Crown Diamond – 50% on level 1, 10% on level 2, 5% on level 3, 3% on level 4, 2% on level 5 and 1% on level 6

Rank Advancement CV Pay

Despite the confusing name, Rank Advancement CV Pay is simply a product sale commission paid out on the sale or purchase of products by personally recruited affiliates and their downlines and customers.

The Rank Advancement CV Pay commission is paid out an unlimited depth of recruitment generations (affiliates you recruit, their downlines, their downlines downlines etc.), with commissions tied into an affiliate’s own membership rank:

  • Diamond – $1
  • Double Diamond – $2
  • Triple Diamond – $3
  • Blue Diamond – $4
  • Black Diamond – $5

Crown Diamonds aren’t mentioned, but presumably they are paid the same rate as Black Diamonds.

Business Builder Bonus

The Business Builder Bonus is paid out upon an affiliate qualifying for the Diamond or higher membership ranks.

Bonus Pools

Restart Your Life take $5 per bottle of product sold “company-wide” each month and put it in a Bonus Pool.

This pool is then divided equally between all Triple Diamond ranked or higher affiliates at the end of each month.

Restart Your Life also have a “Great American Health Challenge” pool, which is made up of 20% of each “Health Challenge” sale and $1 from every Trinity Lotion and Heartfelt Chocolate product sale.

Restart Your Life distribute this second pool equally between every affiliate who makes a Great American Health Challenge product purchase each month.

I’m not exactly sure what this product purchase is, as details do not feature on the Restart Your Life product page.

There is a Great American Health Challenge page in the “opportunity” section of the Restart Your Life website, however it appears to be a restaurant voucher testimonial incentive for customers, rather than something affiliates purchase each month.

Rank Achievement Bonus

When Restart Your Life affiliates qualify at the Diamond membership rank or higher, the company pays out a one time cash bonus.

Restart Your Life state that these bonuses range from $250 to $5000 but do not provide specific payouts per rank achieved.

A “Business Builder Bonus” of $300 to $500 a month is also mentioned for Blue Diamond or higher ranked affiliates, however again no specific information is provided.

Joining Restart Your Life

Basic affiliate membership to Restart Your Life is $39.95 a year.

The company also sells “PAK” affiliate membership, which includes product(s):

  • RVB300 PAK – $69.95 ($49.95 monthly autoship)
  • Trinity Lotion PAK – $69.95 ($49.95 monthly autoship)
  • Executive PAK (3 bottles of RVB300 and two Trinity Lotions) – $399.95 ($49.95 monthly autoship for one bottle of RVB300)


Although I found most of the Restart Your Life compensation plan easy enough to understand, there were certain parts (the coding bonuses and Executive PAK bonuses) that left me scratching my head a bit but I believe I’ve got most of it accurate.

With a preferred customer class there’s definitely a retail side to Restart Your Life which is good to see, however upon analysis the compensation plan heavily tilts in favour of the recruitment of affiliates and placing them on autoship.

This is evident in the affiliate rank qualification requirements (which are all recruitment based), the 25 cent per bottle matrix commission on customer bottles of product vs. $1 for affiliates and complete lack of retail sales qualification criteria built into the compensation plan.

I will say however that the $25 retail order bonus is quite an incentive to attract retail customers, however it does appear a bit ambiguous. I’m not sure if it’s paid out on single bottle orders of product or whether there’s a minimum order amount required.

Restart Your Life don’t specify retail prices for their products on their website but with autoship being $49.95 a month I don’t imagine retail is much more than that. In that case $25 per order isn’t too bad.

Of course that’s assuming you don’t just give up and focus on recruiting new affiliates, earning $1 per autoship order each month on every affiliate you and your downline recruits.

And then of course there’s the additional bonuses and what not you get as you advance up the membership ranks (qualifying by recruiting new affiliates).

Taking all this into consideration it doesn’t appear that retail is a strong part of the Restart Your life business model. As a prospective affiliate the quickest way to check this would be to ask your upline how many retail customers they have vs. recruited affiliates.

Also consider how you yourself were approached, was it on the products or the affiliate income opportunity?

The more scrutinious of you would also be advised to enquire about your potential upline’s upline customer vs. affiliate numbers.

One strong point I think that will heavily influence the amount of customers in Restart Your Life is that the key ingredient in Restart Your Life’s product line doesn’t appear to be exclusive.

As a manufacturer, A.J. Lanigan sells his products to a number of other companies. Two examples I found via a simple “A.J. Lanigan manufacturer” Google search were The Beta Source (“”) and HealthSprings (“”).

Both companies sell products based on Lanigan’s “Beta1-3D Glucan” ingredient and both list A.J. Lanigan as the manufacturer of their beta glucan products.

Given this, all that really then differentiates Restart Your Life from these other companies in the attached income opportunity. Without which you’re pretty much just selling what everyone else is.

Retail option or not, if Restart Your Life is mainly full of affiliates selling the income opportunity then it’s really no different to any other recruitment driven matrix scheme out there.


Update 24th February 2017 – In October of 2014 Restart Your Life was acquired by Youngevity.