In what I imagine is going to become a frequently increasing occurrence, the scheduled FTC v. Redwood Scientific Technologies trial has been pushed back.

Last May, the Redwood trial received a tentative July 14th scheduled date.

On March 17th, the FTC filed an ex-parte motion requesting a delay till October.

As the Court is no doubt aware, concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic have increased dramatically in the past two weeks.

The State of California declared a state of emergency on March 4, 2020.3 Washington, DC, where the Commission’s litigating team is located, declared a state of emergency and public health emergency on March 11, 2020.

Press reports indicate that additional public gathering, work, and travel restrictions are likely to be implemented before any easing of existing restrictions.

Commission staff have been directed to telework for the foreseeable future, which, for the reasons stated below, will make it impossible to meet the upcoming deadline for filing dispositive motions (April 13, 2020).

Missing that deadline pushes everything else back, prompting the FTC to request a two month extension.

Co-defendants Jason and Eunjung Cardiff did not oppose the FTC’s motion.

On March 19th the FTC’s motion was granted, setting a new October 20th trial date.

Looking forward, the FTC’s previously filed show cause contempt motion is up for hearing on March 30th.


Update 31st March 2020 – The scheduled March 30th hearing has been vacated. As at the time of publication the court has yet to rule on the FTC’s contempt motion.

I’ll continue to check the docket weekly and publish and update when I have one.