Two superseding indictments have been filed in the Forcount Ponzi criminal case, adding Nestor Nunez and Ramon Perez as defendants.

The filing dates are a little strange, with all three Forcount indictments being filed on December 6th.  While we reported on the original indictment last month, the two superseding indictments were only recently unsealed.

As it stands, there are five Forcount Ponzi criminal defendants:

  1. Francisley Da Silva – Forcount founder, charged in the original indictment and arrested in Brazil
  2. Juan Tacuri – Forcount promoter, charged in the original indictment and arrested in Florida
  3. Antonia Perez Hernandez – Forcount promoter, charged in the original indictment and arrested in Florida
  4. Ramon Perez – Forcount promoter, charged in the first superseding indictment and arrested on January 6th in Florida
  5. Nestor Nunez – actor who played Forcount Boris CEO Salvador Molina, charged in the second superseding indictment and believed to be still at large in Spain

Ramon Perez (full name: Ramon Antonio Perez Arias), shared a top Forcount investor account with Jose Coronado.

In or about 2018, PEREZ and another coconspirator (“CC-1”) opened two business bank accounts for Pro Aqua Group LLC (“Pro Aqua Group”), a Florida corporation registered by PEREZ and CC-1 with no apparent connection to Forcount.

The account opening documentation for one of these accounts claimed that Pro Aqua Group was a home remodeling business.

There were no payments or expenditures in either account consistent with the operation of a home remodeling business.

Instead, between in or about early 2018 and late 2018, when the accounts were closed, the accounts were funded predominantly by hundreds of thousands of dollars of payments from Victims.

PEREZ and CC-1 spent the … funds on, among other things, apparent promotional and personal expenses, including luxury goods.

Perez also laundered Forcount investor funds through RRP International, another Florida shell company.

Across three counts, Perez has been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering and (making) false statements.

Following his arrest, a $100,000 personal recognizance bond was set for Perez on January 6th. At his arraignment, also held on January 6th, Perez pled not guilty.

There’s nothing about Nestor Nunez on the case docket after his superseding indictment was filed. In parallel civil proceedings filed by the SEC, Nunez is cited as a “mature looking actor who lived in Spain”.

Nunez is believed to still be in Spain but his current status is unknown.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to track the Forcount criminal case.


Update 3rd March 2023 – A pre-trial conference for Ramon Perez was held on March 1st.

A Status Conference for all the Forcount defendants is scheduled for June 8th. This will likely be the next significant update in proceedings.


Update 3rd May 2023 – Nestor Nunez was arrested in Spain in December 2022.

Following his arrest, Nunez was extradited to the US in April 2023.