Forcount Boris CEO Salvador Molina, played by Spanish national Nestor Nunez, was arrested in Spain on December 28th, 2022.

This wasn’t publicly known until last month, following Nunez’s arrest upon touching down in the US last month.

Nunez appears to have been arrested at the behest of US authorities. He was extradited to the US and landed in New York on April 3rd.

Nunez was presented before a US court for his initial appearance on April 4th. At the hearing Nunez pled not guilty to Forcount related criminal charges filed against him.

Nunez was ordered remanded to custody pending a Status Conference on April 24th.

That proceeding went ahead as scheduled, resulting in another Status Conference scheduled for June 8th.

Forcount was an $8.4 million MLM crypto Ponzi. The scam, a reboot of the collapsed Cointherum Ponzi scheme, was launched in 2017 by “cryptocurrency sheik” Francis Silva (right).

Silva and several Forcount promoters were indicted in December 2022. Silva, a Brazilian national, was arrested by Brazilian authorities on November 3rd, 2022.

Brazilian authorities are investigating Silva for running a wider $800 million crypto Ponzi empire.

Following Forcount’s collapse Nestor Nunez, appearing as himself, released a mea culpa video that was circulated on social media.

To the best of my knowledge Nunez is the first Boris CEO actor US authorities have pursued with criminal charges.