Ghanaian authorities have arrested another fifteen QNet affiliate scammers.

As reported by the Ghanaian Times, on October 15th

at about 10:00 a.m. operation men made up of 100 Police Trainees drawn from the High risk Operation Training Camp … arrested 15 suspects  who are workers  of Qnet Company, rescued 396 victims to the Regional CID for investigations.

The suspects made up of Nigerians, Ghanaians and one Burkinabe:

  1. Abubabakar Abdulai, 26;
  2. Kolanlam Emmanuel, 25;
  3. Charles Hundolo, 27;
  4. Mohammed Waris, 23;
  5. Mivadesome James, 24;
  6. Aglo Benjamin, 32;
  7. Samuael Atima,26;
  8. Clement Delma, 32;
  9. Enest Segbedzi, 25;
  10. Kuetsidzo Edwin Rodney, 23;
  11. Adjetey Selorm, 30;
  12. Atcher Simon, 23;
  13. Anane Jacob, 30;
  14. Dagadu Evans, 27; and
  15. Ahiagbenyo Mawuli, 30

The suspects duped their victims out of GHC 3800 to 4500 each ($623 to $738 USD).

A sting operation carried out two weeks ago revealed the suspects

were into recruitment of young people under deception of securing them a job at Qnet Network Marketing Company.

The suspects made a representation to the victims that, upon payment of certain sums of money, ranging from GH₵ 3,800 GH₵4,500, they would be given a products to sell and make “super profits” on the products as well as get paid by Qnet company.

The suspects … took the victims through tutorial, rented apartments for them and made them to remain indoors without having physical contacts with people, but work through online and phone calls to recruit others.

According to the prosecution, investigations revealed further that the recruitment (was) mainly targeted at family members, relatives, colleagues, friends and desperate job seekers.

QNet affiliates luring victims into the company and then holding them hostage is an ongoing problem across Ghana.

Those held hostage are forced to work for their kidnappers, recruiting more victims into QNet.

In August two Ghanaian QNet affiliates were arrested after they kidnapped an unsuspecting victim.

The pair refused to release the man until he contacted his family to request more money.

For their part, as long as the money rolls in, QNet turns a blind eye to Ghanaian victim hostage recruitment.

Ghanaian authorities have vowed to “unravel all perpetrators of Qnet Company and their managers in the region”.

BehindMLM found QNet to be a blatant pyramid scheme as per our published 2017 QNet review.


Update 4th November 2022 – Following a regulatory enforcement action against the company, QNet has been ordered to get out of Ghana.