Lab reports commissioned by a Q Sciences customer suggests its “THC free” branded products contain THC.

Q Sciences has refused to acknowledge findings in the reports.

Tara Page Truax appears to be or have been a Q Sciences distributor and member of its Advisory Board until earlier this year.

A recent post on Truax’s social media suggests she is now committing securities fraud with GSPartners.

On August 31st Tara Truax made a FaceBook post advising her husband, Mike Truax, had recently failed a firefighter application.

This past year Mike Truax had begun pursuing his hidden dream of becoming a firefighter.

He was accepted to begin his next level of training at a local firehouse, which included a full physical & drug screening.

The lab called to report he failed the drug test for THC.

While acknowledging that Mike had used it in the past, Tara maintains he has “not touched marijuana in nearly 30 years”.

There had to be a mistake. They told him no, they hold a zero tolerance policy.

The tests were sent to a federally regulated lab using GCMS confirmation, and tested twice for accuracy, according to the labs statement.

Searching for answers, Tara came to the realization that

the only product Mike had consumed with any cannabinoids was the THC FREE labeled, Broad Spectrum Hemp Waters from Q Sciences, Q Twist Calm.

Almost every person in our house used this product daily, as by definition Broad Spectrum Hemp has ZERO THC, and the product carried a QR code on the package, which was supposed to lead to third party testing for verification.

When we went to scan the package, the link was broken.

Tara reported what had happened to Q Sciences. The company refused to acknowledge fault, instead claiming that Mike had recently smoked or been around someone who had.

We were told by corporate staff that my 48-year-old husband must have smoked marijuana, or been around someone who had.

We informed the company that Mike did not use any form of marijuana and that we had concerns his failed test was a result of using the company’s Q Twist product.

Our concerns were ignored.

Taking matters into their own hands, the Truax’s sent a Q Twist Calm sample off for third-party testing.

Our testing of the product, which was done through an independent laboratory conducted by Ethos Analytics (FDA registered, ISO accredited, AZDHS certified) showed in their COA that not only did the product contain THC, but that both the Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC each exceeded the allowable percentage of THC as defined by the 2018 U.S. Hemp Farm Bill.

Q Sciences also makes the claim that the product contains 10mg of CBD in each stick.

The results showed that the CBD amount per stick, was far less than half of the amount that is represented, only containing 3.79mg versus the 10mg promised on the packaging label.

According to the test results, there is more total THC than CBD in the product:

  • 3.52 mgs DELTA 9 THC
  • 1.55 mgs DELTA 8 THC
  • 3.79 mgs CBD

Wanting Q Sciences to update their labelling so that what had happened to Mike didn’t happen to anyone else, the Truax’s brought their independent testing to the attention of Q Sciences.

Since bringing this to Q Sciences’ attention, the company has not made the information public, nor has it done a recall on the product.

Instead, they said it was only that specific LOT number that contained the THC.

Tara casts doubt on this explanation, based on the product Mike was taking at the time he was tested and the product sample sent in for testing having different LOT numbers.

With the company not notifying consumers of these results, and continuing to ship the same product, it is our civil duty to publicly inform consumers, as well as to report to necessary agencies the test results that we obtained.

It is our intention to report these incidents to the appropriate regulatory agencies.

The CDC cites THC as “the mind-altering substance in marijuana”.

Many businesses that sell hemp and CBD products also sell products that contain THC.

Individuals should be careful to not mistake THC products for hemp or CBD products. Products containing THC can result in psychoactive effects and adverse events.

Summing up the situation, Tara writes;

Mike and I are truly disappointed, as we stood behind, and sold, these products for many years.

Based on the test results we obtained, the product was not what was represented on the label. And in our opinion, we do not believe this issue was handled appropriately or with any sense of urgency.

We share with the intention that no one else is harmed the same way our family was.

At time of publication there are over 600 comments on Tara’s FaceBook post.

That is crazy!! My kids used to ask for this before bed, as I know MANY other’s children did too.

Gosh. One trip to the hospital for an accident could have resulted in people’s kids being taken. That’s NUTS.

Oh no…. My husband is applying and will definitely be tested.. and I’ve been giving these products to my young kids AND drinking it while pregnant, and of course selling it to other moms.

Think about all the young children that have (mine included) who consumed this product multiple times a day! This is is not okay!

Thank you so much for sharing the truth!

My daughter STILL drinks these daily as I have insane amounts of them from my time with Q.

My husband has a job with CBP (customs and border patrol) and also drinks them and we sold them to his coworkers.

Thank goodness he or they never failed a drug screening… thank you Tara.

This makes my blood boil. My special needs daughter takes a medicine that cannot interact with THC so we were so excited about this THC free option. She drank it every night after her medicine.

After a while we started noticing some negative changes in her and couldn’t figure it out. Now I know why!!!!

I am so thankful we stopped taking these products and got out of there. This could have had catastrophic results for my girl. Shame on them!!!

I’m so sorry to hear this! I haven’t used their products in so long for other reasons but it was always a concern if any THC was truly present in products marketed as THC free.

It is unbelievable to me that radical responsibility has not been taken over this matter. As when dealing with supplements of any kind, there should be immeasurable amounts of transparency.

That’s too bad the company won’t take accountability, shows their true character and lack of integrity. I feel bad for your husband too, what an unfair situation for him. Good on you for standing up to this.

I can only imagine the things that are being said behind closed doors to cover this up and make it okay.

I struggled during my time with q over ingredients used and being told “oh we are moving away from using them” only to have newly launched products contain said ingredients. I wish I was more surprised.

I just threw away 5 bags of calm hot cocoa. I cannot take the chance as I’m the only person in my household working.

This is a huge failure on a company that we trusted and got behind. I called to tell another person about this last night bc I don’t want her being drug tested and have any issues. This is Russian roulette.

Ever since I read this a few days ago I can’t help but wonder if their products are really what they say they are/were and what else is in them.

Pending any further updates, we’ll keep you posted.