From the sounds of it, Pro HealthyWayz was your typical MLM autoship recruitment scheme.

Following the duping of 40,000 affiliates for just over $4 million two years ago, an investigation by Indian authorities was launched.

That investigation has now led to the arrest of nine ringleaders behind the scheme.

Pro HealthyWayz had affiliates paying $55 or more a month on autoship.

Autoship available products included

Ved gain (for Increasing weight), Ved Fit (for weight reduction), Gilloy Juice (immunity booster), Ortho Oil, Heart Care, Herbs oil, Herbal Tooth Paste and Ved Life Herbal Powder.

A moisturizer, tan gel, acne lotion, shampoo and “anti-radiant chips” were also available, although these were sourced from other companies.

Pro HealthyWayz ordered product each month to qualify for commissions, which were paid when they recruited others who also ordered each month.

The nine accused, eight of which are younger than thirty,

worked in two companies earlier. While the first company was closed down, the second one in Chennai could not pay the commissions to them on time.

With the experience they earned from their previous jobs, they floated the MLM to make quick money.

As is sadly often the case throughout the MLM underbelly, those scammed turned around and used how they were scammed to scam others – mostly “unemployed youths, homemakers and retired people”.