Beyond Freedom is the flagship product of Liberty League International. After paying your $49 entry fee it is the first product you are qualified to re-sell and with 85% of Liberty League associates making $35,000 per annum or less, is as far as many get within the business.

With a retail price tag of $1495 and very little information about what’s actually in there on the internet, I decided to take a look at what’s inside the Beyond Freedom package.

Beyond Freedom is supposed to be your entry point into the Liberty League lifestyle. I’ve read lots of ‘omg it’s amazing it totally changed my life’ reviews of it but when it comes to finding actual details of the content the information is a little thin.

The course is billed as a ’90 day multimedia personal development program’ and is shipped in a box directly from Liberty League to you.

As you can see the Beyond Freedom package contains an a4’ish sized box, a workbook, a journal, goal cards, a goal card pen, a wristband, a pad and pen and 4 dvd/cds in TRIGGER CASES!

All this for only $1495.

1. The Box

Shiny and square.

The image on the back of the box shows you what it’s like to look directly at a man’s genitals from below. I’m sure there’s probably some well researched scientific reason as to why this is inspiring but to me it’s just a box drawing my attention to some guys crotch.

The image on the front (pictured right) suggests that the only way to keep your loved one from leaving you after joining Liberty League is to embrace them in a rock solid bear hug.

You’re probably going to want to start practicing this now if you intend to sign up. Pets make good test subjects or failing that small children.

2. A Workbook

It’s a paperback book with paper inside. Presumably this has tasks and space for you to keep track of your progress throughout the 90 day course.

3. A Journal

With 85% of Liberty League associates barely making a return on their investment, it’s a thoughtful gesture for the company to include a journal for you to record your losses.

Sure to be filled with the tears, trials and tribulations of prospective associates trying to make it in the business, the Beyond Freedom journal is guaranteed to make you feel better.

But it won’t get you your money back.

4. Goal Cards and Goal Card Pen

Ok first of all the goal card pen is nothing more then a permanent marker, let’s just get that out of the way. I have no idea what’s written on the goal cards but i’m 99% sure they are to mark milestones or the successful completion of tasks out of the workbook and/or cd and dvd videos and audio.

After filling out the goal cards with milestones such as ‘losing my first  $10,000’ be sure to get them framed and display them proudly on your walls. They make great conversational pieces.

5. Wristband

A wristband. Really?

Members of Liberty League will no doubt tell you wearing the wristband shows your commitment to the cult business and as long as you wear one no evil can become you.

People who aren’t batshit crazy will tell you it’s just a piece of rubber, or maybe plastic; I’m not entirely sure just how cheap Liberty League are being here.

No seriously, a freaking wristband?

6. Pad and Pen

I assume the notepad and pen are so you can scribble some quick maths and work out how much and how quickly you stand to lose money investing in Liberty League.

Either that or it’s to start your very own flipbook while you slowly go crazy from hours of frustration in chasing down cold leads over the phone.

I guess the notepad could be a good birthday present for your kids to make up for all the time you won’t be spending with them…

7. Dvd and CDs with TRIGGER CASES!!!OMG!!!

The trigger cases on their own are worth the $1495 you’ll be paying for Beyond Freedom. I don’t know about you but I’ve never even heard of this technology before. Who cares what’s on the dvd and cds just throw them out… TRIGGER CASES PEOPLE, HOLY CRAP!!!

What’s it all worth?

I’m going to use generous estimates here as I believe it’s only fair. Not knowing the exact manufacturing cost of the items it’s better to over then under estimate.

The box = $5 (probably less then $1)

Workbook = $5 (probably less then $2)

Journal = $5 (probably less then $2)

Goal cards = $1?

Goal pen = $1 (it’s just a permanent marker)

Wristband = 20c?

Pad and Pen = $5 (I note the pen has custom logo work on it and I presume it’s reasonably nice to write with)

4 dvd/cds = $5 (mass stamping cd/dvds costs peanuts)

Postage and Handling to anywhere in the world = $100

Total = $127.20

And that’s being overly generous with the postage, paper and burnt discs don’t weigh all that much so it’s not like postage is going to be huge.

Amazingly we’re still left with a whopping $1367.80 worth of unexplained value pinned to the content of the dvd and cds.

When was the last time you paid $1367.80 for some motivational audio and video? Or any audio and video for that matter?

While I can’t elaborate on the exact contents of the dvd and cd, some of my readers have been through the program and I encourage them to share what they found on them below.

It should make for some interesting reading at the end of which I urge you to ask yourself;

“is this worth paying nearly $1500 dollars for?”