Liberty League’s Supercharged Saturday is almost around the corner and in a bid to capitalize on the event, associates have begun to discount conference tickets.

The one day event which runs for 12 hours is being held on Saturday August 29th at the RACV Royal Pines Resort in Queensland.

I can confirm at least one summit advisor is offering the discount but am not sure if they all are. Given all associates are supposed to comply with the same rules and marketing conditions I imagine though that the same discounts have been rolled out Australia-wide.

The Supercharged Saturday promotion currently running allows an associate to bring one guest, spouse or associate of Liberty League (yes you read that right) to the conference for US$100.

The normal price for the conference is US$349.

In addition to this if the prospect an associate brings along purchases Beyond Freedom on the day, the advising associate will discount US$100 from the price. This effectively means the prospect attends the Saturday event for free.

Six Figure Chicks is offering a similar $100 cashback, below is a screenshot from one of her promotional videos.

The video the still was taken from is on Youtube.

Warning: The Sixfigurechicks promotional video goes for 8 minutes, has a god awful dance music track and until the end is simply a slideshow of  images (some of which I’m sure Six Figure Chicks doesn’t hold the copyright to), and looks like it was cobbled together with PowerPoint.

I guess all the advertising dollars was spent on the TV campaign, view at your own risk.

The Six Figure Chicks video doesn’t mention the strings attached to the $100 but given it’s the same amount I’m pretty sure all the summit advisors are offering it in one way or another.

The second part of the Supercharged Saturday promotion is a discount on both Liberty and Summit conference tickets on condition you attend the Saturday event. The discounts offered are:

  1. 10% off conference tickets if purchased between the 13th and 27th of August.
  2. 5% off conference tickets if purchased between the 28th and 31st of August.

The information I have doesn’t specify whether this is on offer to the public or only current active associates. It is however loaded with sales talk and suggests that “Anyone who is looking for that success will be there”.

There is also the suggestion that (conservatively) 30% of people who buy Beyond Freedom purchase conference tickets so it’s a great opportunity to become qualified as a reseller on the day.

I have no idea if all Liberty League’s promotional material is this heavily marketing orientated but even if they’re not one thing is clear:

Liberty League associates from all over Australia have big plans for Supercharged Saturday and are looking to mass recruit as many Australian’s as possible on the day by any means possible.

With 5-10% discounts on offer there’s never been a better time to kickstart yourself off to financial ruin.