There is no information on the Partners Pay website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Partners Pay website domain (“”) was registered on the 12th of March 2013, with the domain registration listing an “Adela Wex” as the owner.

An address of “St Clair” in the US state of Alabama is provided, however this appears to be either false or incomplete. A St Clair Road does exist in Moody, Alabama but is not sufficient on its own as the address of a company.

Today the Partners Pay website is hosted on a private server, however records show that in the past it was hosted on the same server as the short-lived DailyPaidProfit scheme:


DailyPaidProfit was a Ponzi scheme that launched on May 10th 2013 and offered affiliate investors a daily ROI of 1.5-2%. Payment receipts listed an “Adela Rivis” as the company owner, indicating that the name “Adela Wex” used in the Partners Pay domain registration is fake.

On May 14th Adela Rivis made an announcement to DailyPaidProfit affiliates advising that

Very SOON wit AVN and daily Paid Profit will offer you Master Card.

By May 24th DailyPaidProfit had collapsed with the website going offline.

The acronym “AVN” used by Adela in her announcement stands for “Ads Visit Network” (anonymous domain registration, registered on the 9th March, 2013).

Ads Visit Network guaranteed affiliate investors returns of 2-3% daily over 60-70 days. The company launched in March and would appear to be the pre-cursor to DailyPaidProfit.

An undated announcement on the Ads Visit Network website advises

Transfer AVN To DPP !!!!!!

Transfer AVN to Daily Paid Profit has been Completed, And Crooks Account has been Delete, We Start Ads Visit Network Again with Long term Plans.

Putting all of this together, it appears Adela Rivis / Adela Wex (who probably doesn’t exist) initially launched AVN back in March. When that collapsed he or she launched DailyPaidProfit, which too collapsed shortly after launch.

Taking some time off to let the heat die down from disgruntled affiliates of the past two schemes, now Adela is back with Partners Pay.

Read on for a full review of the Partners Pay MLM business opportunity.

The Partners Pay Product Line

Partners Pay has no retailable products or services. Affiliates join the company at either the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond level and are provided advertising credits (excluding Bronze) which they can advertise on the Partners Pay website with.

The Partners Pay Compensation Plan

The Partners Pay compensation plan is a revenue-sharing model, with affiliate fees paid by members redistributed to affiliates based on accumulated VIP points.

VIP points are provided with affiliate membership (Silver = 10, Gold =  50 and Diamond = 100), and are purchasable separately for $1 each.

Commissions are paid as a daily percentage ROI, subject to the rate of new affiliate investment.

Recruitment commissions are also paid out down two levels on invested money by affiliates, determined by an affiliates own membership rank:

  • Bronze – no referral commissions
  • Silver – 5% on level 1 and 2.5% on level 2
  • Gold – 7% on level 1 and 3.5% on level 2
  • Diamond – 10% on level 1 and 5% on level 2

Finally recruitment commissions are also paid out on the personal recruitment of new paid Partners Pay affiliates:

  • $2 on the personal recruitment of a new Silver affiliate
  • $10 for a Gold affiliate
  • $20 for a Diamond affiliate

Indirect recruitment commissions are also offered to Silver, Gold and Diamond affiliates, paid out when a member of an affiliate’s downline recruits a new paid affiliate:

  • Silver – 25 cents on the indirect recruitment of a Silver, Gold or Diamond affiliate
  • Gold – 35 cents on the indirect recruitment of a Silver affiliate and $1 for a Gold or Diamond
  • Diamond – 40 cents on the indirect recruitment of a Silver affiliate, $1.50 for a Gold and $3.50 for a Diamond

Joining Partners Pay

Affiliate membership to Partners Pay is available in four options:

  • Bronze – free
  • Silver – $10 a month
  • Gold – $50 a month
  • Diamond – $100 a month


Offering up your typical Ponzi points scheme, Partners Pay simply shuffles new investor money around from new investors to those who have previously invested.

Whoever is running the company hasn’t had much success over their past two ventures, with both Ads Visit Network and Daily Paid Profit going bust shortly after their respective launches.

Partners Pay appears to be the owners first venture using a Ponzi points business model but like the past two attempts, will still collapse once new investor funds run out.

The Ponzi points model is such that this collapse is prolonged due to encouraged affiliate re-investment of points (with no money leaving the system). Eventually however enough points have been deemed accrued that an affiliate starts to make regular withdrawals.

Once enough affiliates reach this stage the regular Ponzi sustainability problems kick in and inevitably the scheme collapses.

Naturally those who invest and continued to re-invest without withdrawing anything lose all their money.

To the best of my knowledge those who invested in both Ads Visit Network and Daily Paid Profit simply lost their invested money when the schemes collapsed. Partners Pay will naturally be no different.