Options Rider was a Ponzi scheme launched all the way back in early 2015.

The scam was supposedly headed up by “Bob Roberts”.

To the best of my knowledge though nobody ever actually had any verifiable contact with Roberts.

Roberts was also tied to BancdeOptions, a company used to launder invested Options Rider funds.

By late 2015 Options Rider had collapsed. Bob Roberts was killed off in early 2016 and the scammers behind Options Rider disappeared.

Options Rider operated through bank accounts in Australia.

Despite Options Rider being a fraudulent company, in mid 2015 a liquidator was appointed. At some point the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) also got involved.

According to a blog post by Veritas Advisory;

The Liquidator’s investigations have also revealed that numerous deposits have been made to the Company’s bank accounts from within Australia and from numerous overseas countries.

The Liquidator’s analysis has identified deposits of approximately $5.4 million and withdrawals of approximately $4.1 million.

To date, the Liquidator has recovered approximately $1.3 million from the Company’s bank accounts.

Supposedly by order of the Australian Federal Court, a portion of the recovered funds is to be returned to Options Rider investors.

I don’t have access to the specific court order, so details are sketchy.

Veritas Advisory are claiming the

the Liquidator now requests depositors who made deposits into the Company’s bank accounts during the period from 29 January 2015 to 1 December 2015 to contact our office.

I’m typically extremely wary of any third-party promising scam victims the return of some or all of their money.

As far as I can tell though Veritas Advisory appears to be a true third-party with offices across Australia.

I have no reason to doubt proceedings related to Options Rider.

If you lost money in Options Rider and can prove it on paper, it might be worth getting in touch.

Sans liquidator fees and what not you’re probably not going to get back much, but something is better than nothing.

Bear in mind the usual rules still apply for scam victim recovery efforts; If at any point you’re asked to pay a fee – run.