options-rider-logoThings aren’t going well at Options Rider.

We’ve been getting comments from disgruntled investors complaining about withdrawal problems for months.

Comments like this, published only a few hours ago, appear to be reflective of the current situation:

I put in 4k, currently at 44k, will I see any pay out?

Additionally there also appears to be problems with Options Rider’s ewallet provider, which has seen services suspended for most of this month.

Now, in an email update sent out by Bob Roberts, Options Rider appear to be getting desperate for cash.Despite it being rather obvious that Options Rider are simply shuffling newly invested funds around to pay off existing investors, one of the counter-arguments has been the promised closing off of the business.

That being the termination of new affiliate signups and newly invested funds, meaning Options Rider will cut off it’s primary source of revenue.

How do they plan to continue to pay out ROIs to affiliates? No idea – but with them appearing to not actually be paying one, I suppose that doesn’t matter.

In any event, the BehindMLM Options Rider review was published in April 2015. The first comment mentioning the termination of new affiliate signups was left on May 19th:

Soon you will be scracthing (sic) your head when you find out that this private managed fund will not accept new clients in less than 50 days. Then you will again claim that nobody gets paids (sic)… right?

50 days put us at a July 8th cutoff.

Yet some 155 day later, Options Rider are still recruiting new investors and taking deposits.

During these 155 days, the notion that Options Rider will shut off its primary source of revenue has raised itself again again. Each time a new projected cutoff deadline is touted and each time it invariably lapses.

The latest carrot-dangle is from the company itself, by way of an email sent out by Bob Roberts yesterday:

A Letter From Bob Roberts

October 20th, 2015

We have almost reached our 15,000 client.  As we reach that number we will be closing off registration.

Nothing we haven’t heard before, so why is Bob Roberts beating this dead horse again?

As a way of saying a big thank you to the last 100 or so spots we have left we would like to offer a 50% thank you bonus to anyone that opens up a new account for $10,000 or more.

This is our way or giving back a little to the late comers to Options Rider.

If anyone would like to invest $25,000 or more we will be giving a 100% thank you bonus as soon as the account is opened.

We don’t want to alienate our current clients so if you re-deposit 10K or more you will also receive a 50% bonus on your deposit. 100% bonus with reinvestments of 25K or more.

Remember, this offer is only good for the spots that we have open till we reach out 15,000 client so act quickly if you are interested or know anyone that would be interested in this offer.

Oh dear.

So uh, $10,000 or more in a new account and Bob Roberts will conjure up a 50% equivalent value out of thin air. $25,000 or more and he’ll double it.

Make sure you act quickly folks. This crap has been going on for five months, but Bob Roberts is totally sure this time that a cutoff is just around the corner.

Oh and what’s that? You want to know how Roberts and Options Rider is going to come up with $10,000+ or $25,000+ to pay you out with?

Sorry, gotta run… payment processor problems y’know. Also I think a relative might be ill. A death in the family is always bad for business.

That and hackers. It’s always hackers.