Coming up on three years of prelaunch stalling, OnPassive has announced its first actual product made available to affiliates.

It’s a far cry from the promised AI marketing suite that was supposed to cHaNgE tHe WoRlD!

O-Cademy is a simple education platform.

Students will be able to take courses with AI driven, automated translation from numerous nations in a single day.

No idea what service Ash Mufareh has plugged into, but Google Translate’s API has been around for years and is “mostly free”.

As to what education Mufareh (right) has cobbled together, that seems up to the platform’s instructors.

Educators, that are seriously underpaid on an international range, will have the ability to make a lot a lot more via a chance for endless revenue by not being restricted to a single course or area to teach; … they can bill per pupil … or per class.

They can have unlimited courses as well as limitless trainees.

Seeing as no specifics have been announced, we’re assuming there’s literally been no work done beyond programming something people can log into.

What separates O-Cademy from the dozens of online education platforms already out there? Nothing really.

Professionals are forecasting we’ll have 100 Million consumers before the end of our first. Post-launch year.

“Post-launch year” being the key part of that nonsensical marketing claim.

Since collecting $97 membership fees back in 2018, OnPassive affiliates literally have nothing to show for it.

OnPassive’s compensation plan is a simple matrix pyramid script. All owner Ash Mufareh has to do is click “start” to get it going.

Yet almost three years later, the only flow of money within the company has been from affiliates into Mufareh’s pocket.

Between an AI Chat Bot downloaded from somewhere and now a “me too” education platform (that apparently anyone can sign up to be a “Creator” on), we can’t wait to see which existing service Mufareh copies next.

No seriously, three years of prelaunch.

Maybe the first O-Cademy course can be on how to make millions conning people with AI and marketing buzzwords…