Finnish authorities were among the first to announce a police investigation into OneCoin.

Unfortunately that investigation focused on whether or not OneCoin was a legitimate cryptocurrency. That saw the investigation stall when became apparent Finnish authorities had no way to verify if OneCoin had a cryptocurrency.

That was a year and a half ago, with Finnish authorities today revealing a new criminal investigation into OneCoin is well underway.

The initial OneCoin cryptocurrency investigation was handled by the NBI, a national regulation agency. The new criminal investigation is being conducted by Ostrobothnia’s police department.

Ostrobothnia is a region in Finland’s west and has a population of about 180,000.

According to an August 23rd report by Vasabladet, the Ostrobothnian police investigation into OneCoin is based on numerous criminal reports.

There are several different criminal reports and they are all linked to Onecoin.

The idea is that the separate notifications will create a crime when we are ready, says commissioner Antti Perälä, who is leading the preliminary investigation and is a new leader in economic crimes investigation at the agency in Vaasa.

The reports have been filed by Finnish tax authorities and the general public.

With the investigation ongoing, Perälä declined to comment on the nature of the economic and financial crimes OneCoin is suspected of committing.

He did however clarify that the current investigation has nothing to do with the earlier NBI investigation.

Authorities have however already moved in on ‘one of the most central Onecoin figures in Ostrobothnia‘.

The individual was not identified but Perälä did confirm a search warrant lead to their car being seized. Perälä states that as he’s only recently joined the investigation, he’s unsure whether the seizure was directly connected to the current criminal investigation.

When the Ostrobothnia investigation will conclude is unclear.

According to Perälä though, the investigation thus far has raised ‘suspicions of crimes so strong that the matter will proceed to prosecutor’s office.

Stay tuned…