A District Court in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland has approved the seizure of €179,000 EUR.

The order was made against a Finnish OneCoin affiliate, who is a suspect in a criminal case related to tax fraud.

After receiving a tip-off, Finnish police launched a criminal investigation into the suspect.

The investigation focused on ‘a sum of money in the man’s account … he was not taxed for‘.

In an attempt to explain why he failed to declare his ill-gotten gains to authorities, the OneCoin affiliate claimed

the money was not his, but he held the money in his account on behalf of another lesser person.

Finnish media report the individual is the third OneCoin affiliate suspected of tax fraud.

Last year Ostrobothnia’s police department announced it had opened a criminal investigation into OneCoin.

Busting local affiliates for tax fraud appears to be the focus of the investigation, as OneCoin itself has no physical operations in the country.

The National Bureau of Investigation launched a separate investigation back in 2015.

That investigation was eventually suspended, pending public release of OneCoin’s blockchain source-code and public listing.

The source-code was announced for release by the end of 2016 but never happened.

OneCoin is supposed to go public by October 2018. Given the lack of updates from what’s left of OneCoin corporate however, listing of OneCoin’s Ponzi points on public exchanges is looking increasingly unlikely.

With some investors having been strung along on false promises since late 2014, whether the NBI will reopen the case when OneCoin inevitably misses the October deadline is unclear.