onecoin-logoIn bitcoin and other legitimate cryptocurrencies, when you exchange funds for the coin – you own the coins and nobody can take them away from you.

In OneCoin, “coins” are just numbers in the OneCoin backoffice. Slowly but surely, more and more OneCoin affiliates are realizing that OneCoin’s backoffice points can be seized by the company at any time.

In an email sent out to Ryan Conley yesterday, OneCoin advised him that they have frozen his OneCoin account.

You are prohibited from harming the rights of or harassing the company, its other partners, its affiliated companies, or other third parties in the course of their activities; you are also prohibited from violating any other applicable laws.

Furthermore, IMAs are not permitted to make false or misleading statements about the company’s products or One Life Network.

Moreover, IMAs are also prohibited from recruiting other One Life Network IMAs for the sale of other company’s products.

IMAs are also prohibited from violating – by entering into another contract – the rights of other IMAs or other sales contracts concluded with further companies and the clauses of which are still valid.

Regarding the above, we kindly ask you to immediately undertake the necessary actions to terminate the said violations.

Please be informed that any violation of the terms and conditions, including the above mentioned policies is a subject of sanctions, including suspension/or termination of accounts.

Please also be informed that as the violation established presents significant action against the company’ reputation and credibility, we are forced to freeze your account and to undertake further legal actions eventually.

The “violation” OneCoin reference in their email is a Facebook post published by Conley on July 17th:


Exactly how much money and OneCoins have been seized from Ryan Conley’s OneCoin account is unclear.

ryan-conley-giving-onecoin-the-fingerIn a Facebook video published by Conley a few hours ago, he states

OneCoin just stole thousands and thousands and thousand of dollars from me.

Scout’s honor, I’m an Eagle Scout … OneCoin just stole thousands of dollars from me.

I had a major organization, I’ve got the letters to prove it.

I’m living proof OneCoin is a fucking scam. So fuck you Doctor Ruja, straight up.

Fuck you Doctor Ruja, Per Carlson, all you guys in that scam running the thing from the top right now.

If you’re promoting it, stop it.

Doctor Ruja, I’m coming for this whole entire company to bring this shit to the real stuff.

Cause those people (OneCoin affiliates) can’t pull their money out of that company right now, and I have so many people complaining that bought into that stupid thing.

So straight up. You don’t remember who I was? I was the first person in your office in Dubai. It’s on my YouTube channel. So fuck you, OneCoin.

How exactly Conley plans to “come after” OneCoin is unclear.

I’m gunna buy a domain, I’m gunna slam that fucking company like the Hulk.

Just down on the mat. Doctor Ruja’s gunna be rolling around like a pig, upside down getting hog-tied.

I’m sorry, I’m fucking pissed. You owe me thousands of dollars Mr Ruja… Ms… look I almost called her Mr, I’m sorry – no I’m not.

Ryan Conley is currently promoting the BitClub Network and FutureNet Ponzi schemes. He urges “everyone to get into” them “right now, and put their family members into it also”.

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Posted by J. Ryan Conley on Thursday, 21 July 2016

Prior to its collapse, Conley was also an investor in the MMM Global Ponzi scheme.

Conley is not the first affiliate OneCoin has seized Ponzi points from.

In October 2015 the company seized almost $200,000 in OneCoin points from another affiliate.

Last month the company froze the accounts of top investors in the UK.

One affiliate had invested €5000 EUR in a OneCoin Tycoon Package, two others had invested over €25,000 EUR each. How much in Ponzi points was seized at the time their accounts were frozen was not disclosed.