It doesn’t take long into a listen of Jamie Bartlett’s BBC documentary, The Missing Cryptoqueen, to realize it isn’t in support of the Ponzi scheme.

If you’re a OneCoin die-hard and still promoting the scheme however, there’s a good chance you didn’t listen to it.

That leads to hilarious promotional posts like that from Kamran Hye.

On Twitter Hye (right) cites himself as a “management consultant having over 20 years of experiences”.

Hye is based out of London in the UK and rabidly continues to promote OneCoin.

Following news of The Missing Cryptoqueen to be made into a TV series, Hye took to Facebook to spread the good news.

The bidding for the TV drama series on Cryptoqueen has been sold for a huge amount (undisclosed) as many well known production companies tried to win it sighting the demand for it and the worldwide audiences in many different languages and countries.

The current active leaders in my opinion will be featured, played by actors (‘A’ listed) rather than those that left because of having that ongoing presence of these leaders in the ONE ecosystem.

You see, rather than remain faithful to the Missing Cryptoqueen’s exploration of Ruja Ignatova’s scamming and then disappearance, the TV series will instead promote OneCoin by showcasing those still promoting it.

Or at least that’s what Hye puts forth, despite diddly-squat about the planned show being made public yet.

This is what passes for fact in OneCoin distributor circles.

How much Hye has lost in OneCoin, or alternatively made by recruiting others into the Ponzi scheme is unclear.

Points for desperation (and of course lulz)… but I think you’re going to be sorely disappointed at how the OneCoin series plays out.

Earlier this month what’s left of OneCoin held an meetup in Vietnam.

According to Hye, Ruja Ignatova’s mother put in a prerecorded video appearance. Interesting.